Physician Li watched as the group of men left, wondering if they would be able to locate Su Xi-er. Who would have dared kidnap Princess Consort Hao?


Seeing the group of soldiers hurriedly leave town, the villagers couldn’t help but wonder what was happening today.


The expert whom Yun Ruofeng was so frantically seeking, was only about ten miles away from the village. Along the way, he had switched from carriage to horseback, and had been carrying Su Xi-er for the rest of the journey.


Spotting the abandoned carriage on the side of the road, Pei Qianhao quickly went over to examine the tracks, becoming confident that this was the carriage that Yun Ruofeng had been using despite the latter going to great lengths to avoid being tracked.


Yun Ruofeng rode for a good part of the day, and was finally able to arrive at the mountain where the expert was located. Dismounting his horse, he took Su Xi-er into his arms as he walked into one of the caves in the mountain.


Su Xi-er had been secretly observing everything, but was unable to make anything out in the darkness of the cave. Conversely, Yun Ruofeng seemed to be having no trouble at all as his steady steps echoed in the empty cavern.


It was only once they came to a stone door that Su Xi-er was able to make out a sliver of sunlight from the crack between a stone door and the walls. Hearing the sound of the stone door opening, she understood that they were leaving the cave.


It was already dusk when they emerged from the cave, and Su Xi-er was able to make out a path lined with pebbles that led up to a bamboo house.


Su Xi-er was only pretending to be passed out, but Yun Ruofeng thought that she had been knocked out by that incense. One would need seven days to completely regain their senses after being knocked out by that incense, so his plan would succeed as long as he could get everything done in seven days.


When they approached the house, Su Xi-er heard a faint elderly voice from inside. Upon stepping inside, Yun Ruofeng set her down on a recliner chair before saying, “This is my fiancee.”


“Prince Yun of Nanzhao, is your fiancee Ning Rulan or Ning Anlian?” The elderly male voice asked.


Yun Ruofeng hadn’t realised that the expert knew his true identity, but considering that the old man had saved his life, he decided not to hide the truth either. “It’s my fault for not coming clean about my identity. She is Ning Rulan, and she was able to have a second chance at life after her soul entered someone else’s body. Heaven is giving me an opportunity to make up for my past mistakes, and I don’t want to squander it this time.”


The expert stood up and walked over to Su Xi-er, bending down to observe her. “Her soul entered another’s body? Interesting, but everything seems to make sense when it comes to her.”


Su Xi-er cracked her eyes open very slightly to try to make out who the voice belonged to, and was met with a surprise. It was... Feng Xiao! She had gone to great lengths to have him build the floating platform in Nanzhao in the past, and while she knew that he was a skilled craftsman, she would have never expected that he was skilled in medicine as well.


If he did not think highly of Yun Ruofeng in the past, why choose to save his life this time?


“Prince Yun, what do you need me to do?” The man looked up at Yun Ruofeng and asked calmly.

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