His heart leapt as a bold theory flashed past his mind. If that’s really true, isn’t the man behind me following me with the intent to silence me? What should I do then? I don’t want to die. Surely Prince Hao is on his way; I must find a way to pass this information along to him.


The physician was over 50 years of age, and had aspired to be the zhuangyuan[1] before he studied medicine. Unfortunately, he was always eliminated at the provincial Imperial Civil Examination[2]. Nonetheless, his years of experience in studying ensured that he was more quick-witted than most other obstinate physicians. Thinking back to what the woman in the room had said, he grew increasingly certain of his conjecture.


Prince Hao is awe-inspiring, and Princess Consort Hao is well-known; she must have been at someone’s mercy and is unable to explain her plight. She was likely pretending to be deaf and blind, deliberately mentioning Prince Hao’s real name so that I could pass along this information. She even tried to protect me when she guessed that the man would order his subordinate to dispose of me.


All of a sudden, the physician felt that he was carrying a heavy responsibility on his shoulders, and he gripped his medicinal box even more tightly.


He decided to take a roundabout route. “After I write a prescription for meals that nourish the body, I will personally deliver it to your Lady. For now, I have to make a trip to Yongsheng[3] Drugstore for some herbs.”


Yongsheng Drugstore’s Physician Li was a reputable physician in the area. He was steady, and possessed unique perspectives. If I pass this information to him, he will definitely be able to think of a way to pass it along.


“I’ll go with you.” The man calmly said. Prince Yun ordered for the physician not to be killed for the time being, but it’s only a matter of time.


Left with no choice, the physician could only nod and walk towards YongSheng Drugstore.




Lying in bed, Su Xi-er could tell that Yun Ruofeng had come in and out several times, and had been able to hear his conversations. They would be leaving this evening, and when Yun Ruofeng received the prescription, it would be time for the physician’s demise.


Su Xi-er clenched her fists under the quilt. I hope that the physician managed to understand the meaning behind my words. With my body unable to exert any strength, I can only stall for time or find an opportunity to slip away.


She had already made up her mind to escape, but it completely changed when Yun Ruofeng came an hour later and told her something.


“Everything will return to its starting point once we reach the expert’s place. The person called Pei Qianhao will also cease to be part of your life. We will set off later in the evening.” Yun Ruofeng softly muttered, thinking that she was still unconscious.


I want to know who this expert is. What is the identity of this person who was skilled enough to save Yun Ruofeng who was teetering on the brink of death?


Someone knocked at the door, and Yun Ruofeng soon went out.


His subordinate reported, “I didn’t kill the physician. He was suddenly surrounded by many patients who wanted his diagnosis.”


Yun Ruofeng’s brow knitted. “He didn’t spout any nonsense?”


The subordinate shook his head. “Rest assured, Prince Yun. The physician is a block of wood, and wouldn’t be capable of such thought.”


Yun Ruofeng pondered for a moment. “Set off right away.”


His subordinate immediately went to act on his orders while Yun Ruofeng went to carry Su Xi-er bridal style. “Lan-er, I am sure that you are feigning foolishness. Just stay asleep for these few days then.”


Moments later, the two boarded the horse carriage and left.


Half an hour later, Prince Hao arrived at the county with his subordinates, only to be stopped by Physician Li from Yongsheng Drugstore.


Physician Li paid his respects to Pei Qianhao and softly informed him. “Prince Hao, Princess Consort Hao was staying at Fulai Inn in this county. However, a horse carriage was seen hastily departing the inn only half an hour ago.”


Pei Qianhao sized Physician Li up and dispatched a group of people to investigate the inn while he took another group with him to head out of the county.

1. The top scorer of the Imperial Civil Examination (keju). The second highest scorer is known as bangyan, and the third highest scorer is known as tanhua.

2. Also known as xiangshi, it is the first stage of the keju a candidate must take before they can eventually go to the capital for higher stages of the keju.

3. It can be understood as something like forever prosperous or in prime health.

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