The physician couldn’t discern the meaning behind Yun Ruofeng’s words, and was about to bow and take his leave when Su Xi-er called out. “Physician, how is my condition?” 


If the physician is smart enough, he will be able to guess my identity. It’ll be more troublesome for Yun Ruofeng to get rid of him if that’s the case, and what I need is to stall for time until I can help him escape.


The physician immediately came forth. “Miss, there’s nothing wrong with your body. You just need to properly nourish your body.”


Su Xi-er deliberately took her time before replying, “Stay behind and manage my nutrition then.” She glanced at Yun Ruofeng. “Who are you?”


Yun Ruofeng gave a meaningful look to his subordinate before shaking his head. “Send the physician to his clinic and get a prescription.” 


The subordinate understood that he could not kill the physician for the time being, and would have to keep a tight watch on him instead.


The two left the room, leaving only Yun Ruofeng and Su Xi-er. The former walked forward to take Su Xi-er’s hand, but just before he could, her hand was retracted. Yun Ruofeng couldn’t help but become suspicious.


Could she already be awake and is only feigning foolishness?


He was about to sound her out when Su Xi-er asked, “You’re Yun Ruofeng?”


Yun Ruofeng’s brow furrowed, and he forcefully grasped her. “Lan-er, you are already awake. Why do you have to pretend to be foolish?”


“What are you talking about? You’re not Yun Ruofeng? Hah, I don’t know what he did to make me lose my sight and hearing. Where is he? Get him in here.” Su Xi-er tried to break free.


However, her weakened body was no match for Yun Ruofeng’s strength, and she had simply said these things to confuse him.


Yun Ruofeng’s grip tightened, and he wished that he could embrace her tightly. “Lan-er, stop acting. I’m Yun Ruofeng, and since you’re already awake, I’ll just tell you: Pei Qianhao won’t find us; you’ll be mine forever.”


He bent down, planning to pin her under him, but Su Xi-er managed to squeeze away. Even though he had seen through her act, she had no choice but to keep it up without being able to fight back physically.


“So noisy! Scram!” Su Xi-er wrapped herself with the quilt and ignored Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng was taken aback for a moment. Why do I now feel that she’s actually not in the right mind? Could it be that something went wrong with the fainting incense[1]


Taking a bottle out from his sleeve, he put it under Su Xi-er’s nose until her expression relaxed. Relieved, Yun Ruofeng finally walked out of the room while stowing the bottle away. To prevent possible accidents, it’s better that she stays unconscious.


Right after he left, Su Xi-er crawled out of bed and opened the window, taking in a few deep breaths of air before closing it.


If I hadn’t encountered the mountain bandits, I wouldn’t have been trapped by Yun Ruofeng. Regardless, I have to find an opportunity to escape and find A-Jing. This time, we have to cleanly finish what we’ve started.




As the physician who had seen Su Xi-er began to make his way back to his shop, he found that a man was following him. Having already noticed something wrong in the room, he couldn’t help but think about it more.


That woman asked about Prince Hao out of nowhere, and I could tell from the disposition of the man next to her that he wasn’t Prince Hao.


Could it be that the woman was Princess Consort Hao and has been kidnapped?

1. Also known as mixiang, it is often portrayed in Chinese dramas. Some popular scenes include poking a hole in the door with a bamboo straw and blowing it into the room, while some will have the mixiang in a bottle and the person who inhales it will pass out quickly.

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