Yun Ruofeng heaved a sigh of relief at this before wondering if there might be something wrong with her. Why can’t she see or hear well?


He then waved a hand in front of her and asked, “Do you know who I am?”


Su Xi-er then said, “I’m hungry. I’d like some food.” She knew that she had to eat in order to have any energy to oppose Yun Ruofeng.


Yun Ruofeng’s expression softened at her gentle tone. “I’ll get some food for you. I know you like stuff that is lighter on the palate.”


Nothing but silence followed, and Yun Ruofeng covered Su Xi-er with a blanket before leaving to order some porridge and side dishes.


Su Xi-er waited until the sound of footsteps faded away before she opened the window to check her surroundings. She could tell that they were in a rural county instead of the capital, but she had no idea which county it was.


Though she knew Beimin well, her understanding of it paled in comparison to her knowledge about Nanzhao. Based on how long they had travelled, this place probably wasn’t very far from a suburban area; it was likely only about 20 miles away.


She looked out of both windows that were in the room, thinking about how she would be able to escape, but quickly laid back down upon the bed and faced inwards upon hearing the return of footsteps.


A gentle male voice said, “Lan-er, I’ve ordered some of your favourite dishes. The physician will be here soon to take a look at you too.”


Yun Ruofeng walked over to the bed and placed the tray in his hands on the bedside drawer, calling out to Su Xi-er as he picked up a bowl of porridge. However, Su Xi-er pretended not to hear him to keep consistent with her act.


It was only when he tapped on her shoulder that she turned around, being sure to keep her gaze unfocused.


He scooped a spoonful of porridge to feed her. In order to keep up with her act and regain her strength, Su Xi-er ate it. Happy to see this, Yun Ruofeng continued to feed her until she had finished all the food.


“Lan-er, your appetite has grown.” Yun Ruofeng said as he put down the bowl in his hands. Unfortunately for him, the only answer he received was silence as she laid back down.


Yun Ruofeng raised a hand, wanting to caress her, but a knock on the door stopped him.


“Master, the physician is here.”


Yun Ruofeng acknowledged the man and walked up to open the door for an old physician with a white beard.


Shortly after, Su Xi-er felt her wrist being held by someone. After taking her pulse, the physician said, “Your wife is fine. She might just be too tired, causing her eyesight and hearing to be affected. There’s no need to take medicine for this. Just make sure that she’s nourished and well taken care of.”


Yun Ruofeng was relieved to hear this. “How long will such symptoms last?”


“About ten days.”


This is too perfect then. She can’t see or hear well, so I don’t have to knock her out with sleeping incense. If that’s the case, she can still talk to me. Yun Ruofeng thought to himself.


Taking the opportunity, Su Xi-er asked, “Where’s Pei Qianhao?” while the physician was still in the room. If A-Jing manages to find this place, the physician might be able to relay that I’ve been here. However, the prerequisite for this plan to work is that Yun Ruofeng allows this physician to leave.


The physician was surprised to hear the name ‘Pei Qianhao’ being spoken out of nowhere. How is this lady related to Prince Hao? he wondered.


A cold glint flashed in Yun Ruofeng’s eyes, but he adjusted his gaze in the next instant. “Send the physician away.”


He then signalled to his subordinate by shooting a look at the physician who was leaving.


His subordinate immediately understood that the physician was to be killed in secret.

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