Yun Ruofeng smiled as he reminisced about the days they spent together in the past. I’ll make Lan-er forget about Pei Qianhao and build a paradise for her. We’ve been through so much and missed so many opportunities; I’ll have to make good use of my chance this time.


“Prince Yun, do we need to switch routes?” His subordinate asked through the curtain.


Yun Ruofeng lifted the curtain and scanned the surroundings before saying, “No need, but let's not stop until we reach the countryside.”


“Understood.” The man then cracked the whip on the horse, and their carriage picked up speed.


Yun Ruofeng raised a hand to caress Su Xi-er’s cheek as he watched her peaceful appearance. “Lan-er, it’s been so long. I’ve been thinking about you day and night, and now that I have gained a second chance at life, I understand what I wish for the most.”


He bent down in an attempt to kiss her, but she pretended to turn in her sleep. Yun Ruofeng then mumbled, “Everything will be different when you wake up.”


Su Xi-er was pretending to be asleep since she knew there was no way she could beat him in a fight in her current condition. Pretending that she was still asleep and looking for an opportunity was the best course of action at this point.




In the meantime,the search for Su Xi-er was still ongoing. Pei Qianhao’s team had separated into four groups to follow each of the four different carriage tracks, with the prince himself taking the path with the deepest tracks.


Yun Ruofeng’s group rested at an inn after their arrival at a rural county the next morning, but he did not plan to stay long. He was making his way to the expert who had saved his life. The expert stayed some 50 miles out of Beimin’s capital city, and everything would go according to Yun Ruofeng’s plan as long as he could meet up with this expert before Pei Qianhao caught up.


Lan-er will then belong to me forever.


Yun Ruofeng carried Su Xi-er into one of the rooms in the inn and placed her gently on the bed. Even without sustenance, a person could sleep for seven days; all he had to do was reach his expert within that time.


“Patron, we’ve brought the hot water.” The respectful voice of one of the staff sounded outside the door.


Yun Ruofeng opened the door to let a line of staff in so that they could pour a mixture of hot and cold water into a wooden tub; Yun Ruofeng was planning to bathe Su Xi-er.


Yun Ruofeng locked the door after the staff left. He walked over to the bed and said, “Lan-er, I’m going to bathe you. I know you love to be clean.”


He then tried to take her clothes off, but Su Xi-er turned and moved herself further away from him. She’d rather stay filthy than let him touch her.


Yun Ruofeng laughed. “Lan-er, why are you so disobedient even while asleep? Would you be good if it was Pei Qianhao?”


He then continued after a short pause, “Dead or alive, you are mine.”


He raised his hand and planned to forcefully take her clothes off this time, but Su Xi-er’s eyes suddenly opened and stared straight into his.


Yun Ruofeng stiffened at this. Why is she awake when she’s supposed to be knocked out? It’s not good that she’s awake now.


Su Xi-er continued with her act and pretended to be confused. “My head hurts. Where is this place?”


Yun Ruofeng took her hand and said, “Lan-er, you’re awake.”


Su Xi-er squinted and waited for a while before saying, “I can’t see very well, and I can’t hear much either.”

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