Li Zhuang let go of his father and rushed into the room when the soldiers had left. Where did that girl go?


“Where did she go?” Li Zhuang looked around suspiciously. How could she have left on her own while she was in such a weak state?


Even Old Woodcutter Li found it strange, and the father and son pair began to look everywhere for Su Xi-er. However, despite searching their entire home, she was nowhere to be found!


“Dad, stay at home; I’ll go search outside once the soldiers leave. She’s alone now, and even though it’s already winter, there might be wolves prowling in the vicinity.” Li Zhuang then walked out into the yard.


Shortly after the soldiers left, Ma Zhu spotted Li Zhuang when the latter arrived at the village entrance. “Why do you look so terrified? You were acting so suspiciously in your house earlier, and now you’re going out as soon as the soldiers are gone. Could it be...”


Ma Zhu whispered, “Is that girl they’re looking for hidden in your house?”


Li Zhuang denied it instantly. “How dare you accuse me! The soldiers already checked my house earlier, so what is there to be suspicious about? I’m just going out to check on a trap that I set in the mountains the other day. My father and I are poor, so we don’t have any money to buy meat.” He then left in a hurry.


Yet, despite the latter’s furious denial, something told Ma Zhu that Li Zhuang was lying as he watched him disappear into the distance.


Su Xi-er had actually left Li Zhuang’s house in the morning after the father and son pair had left to report to the soldiers. However, she was met by the sound of horse hooves as soon as she made her way near the village outskirts.


In her current state, Su Xi-er didn’t have the strength to combat anybody, nor could she move very quickly. Nevertheless, her eyes widened when she turned around. I thought he was dead? Why is he here now?


Watching the man dressed in a white robe before her, Su Xi-er said, “You didn’t die after falling off that cliff, and have been hiding in Beimin this entire time. How did you know I was here?”


Was he keeping tabs on me? More importantly, is he working alone, or does he still have subordinates willing to serve him?


“Lan’er, can he even protect you? Would you be in this situation if he was capable of doing that?” Yun Ruofeng walked up to her slowly, knowing that Su Xi-er was no match for him given her weakened state.


She mocked, “That’s none of your business. Besides, are you saying that you, someone who wishes for my death, can do any better?”


“Lan’er, it was a misunderstanding in the past. The fact that I’m still alive proves that we’re destined. Now that you’re in somebody else’s body, you must come back to me so that your soul doesn’t disappear.” He spoke steadily.


Su Xi-er’s eyes glinted. “Yun Ruofeng, my soul is already bound to this body. If my soul is destroyed, this body would be gone too.”


“Lan’er, it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me; you’ll be coming with me today either way.” Yun Ruofeng smiled.

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