Xie Yun raised a hand and said, “Send a group of men up there to help out!”


If Su Xi-er’s body hasn’t been found, that proves she’s still alive! We have hope as long as she isn’t buried in the mud!


Xie Yun would have gone himself if he could walk, but he could only watch his men bow and immediately depart.


Upon arriving at Pei Qianhao’s location, Xie Yun’s men found another group of people dressed in coarse clothes digging alongside the prince. Seeing that Pei Qianhao allowed the other group to stay, albeit with a frown on his face, they didn’t say anything as they began to pitch in.


They sped up, and before long, Pei Qianhao spotted a piece of soft red silk in the ground. He sucked in a breath and stopped what he was doing, afraid of what he might uncover underneath.


This belongs to Xi-er. She’s… buried inside.


Everyone’s eyes widened when they spotted the red fabric; for someone to survive being buried alive in the landslide was... Princess Consort Hao was unable to escape!


The men from Nanzhao refused to believe that their princess was dead without seeing her body! The heavens had given her a second chance at life, so they wouldn’t take her away so easily!


After taking a while to recover from the initial shock, Pei Qianhao started digging into the ground at lightning speed. Many of the men went over to him in an attempt to help, but they backed away when they saw the bloodshot glares that he sent at those who dared approach. While they were struck by a sense of fear by his gaze, those present couldn’t help but also feel sorry for the man frantically digging after catching the hint of desolation in his eyes.


After a while, Pei Qianhao pulled at the silk fabric only to realise that there seemed to be no body underneath.


Pei Qianhao cleared the ground as quickly as he could as the men from Nanzhao watched intently. After digging for a while longer, they realised it was only a piece of red silk; there was no body to be found!


Pei Qianhao stopped as he realised that Su Xi-er hadn’t been caught in the landslide. It’s only a piece of her dress! She’s still alive! His eyes then shone with renewed hope at the thought.


The men from Nanzhao were elated, and they quickly assisted in clearing the ground around the spot where the silk was found to confirm that there was indeed no body underneath. 


Their Princess was alive!


A blue figure appeared at this moment. It was Feng Changqing!


One of the men from Nanzhao went up to him and asked, “Big Brother Changqing, where’s the Imperial Princess?”


It was only at this point that the men from the Commandery Prince Residence realised that the other group of men were actually Su Xi-er’s subordinates from the Western Region. It’s no wonder that they are so loyal to Princess Consort Hao.


The haggard-looking Feng Changqing frowned and said, “Everything happened so suddenly last night, and I’ve spent the entire night trying to look for Her Highness without success. However, if I was able to escape, I have no doubt she was able to as well. She may already be at the foot of the mountain.”


The other man said, “We’ve checked, but no one has seen the Imperial Princess.”


Feng Changqing’s heart sank and he looked towards Pei Qianhao, both of them nodding as they made eye contact.


Pei Qianhao then gave an order. “Seal the mountain. Check every nook and cranny in the area, and make sure you sweep through the villages as well!”


All the men responded in acknowledgement, “This subordinate obeys the order!”

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