Before he had time to think further, he noticed Pei Qianhao approaching from the side.


The problem of Situ Li is already dealt with, and I will be in charge of taking care of the aftermath. Why did he come back?


Xie Yun was about to ask when one of the men in coarse clothes anxiously told Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, the Imperial Princess is inside!”


Xie Yun immediately understood that these men were from the Western Region. He couldn’t even get a word out before Pei Qianhao cracked his horse whip and sped up the mountain.


The guard from the Commandery Prince Residence asked, “Your Highness, do we still head back?”


“Of course not, but send someone back to the residence to inform Liuli that this Prince won’t be back tonight. Make sure to include that she doesn’t need to worry.”


The guard bowed. “This subordinate obeys the order.” He leapt onto a horse and headed for the capital in the heavy rain.


Xie Yun examined his surroundings, and realised that a landslide was very likely. He ordered his subordinates to divide themselves into three groups. One was to guard the foot of the mountain, another the back of the mountain, and the last was to remain on the mountain to keep an eye on the situation.


I’d go up the mountain to verify the situation myself if I could walk, but as things are, I can only remain here and issue orders. Speaking of which, I have to take steps to stabilise the situation in the capital tomorrow morning.


However, Xie Yun didn’t expect that Pei Qianhao would still be on the mountain when the sun rose the next day.


The good thing is that the mountain is no longer shaking, but has Pei Qianhao not found Su Xi-er yet? It’s been one whole night.


A guard patrolling the mountain came to report. “Commandery Prince, this subordinate lost track of Prince Hao. As for the landslide, it was severe. Things don’t look good if Princess Consort Hao was on the mountain when it went off.”


Another guard reported. “Commandery Prince, the Third Imperial Prince’s body has been found. He had passed out from poison, and the mud from the landslide buried him, causing him to die from asphyxiation.”


A stretcher with a white cloth was carried over; lifting it, Xie Yun verified that it was indeed Situ Li. 


Pei Qianhao only set an ambush for him to be burned alive. How did he get poisoned? Could he have met Su Xi-er?


He waved his hand. “Carry him back. His Majesty will deal with this.”


Situ Lin already possessed the ability to handle matters on his own. Although he would grieve upon seeing Situ Li’s body, it was a hurdle he had to overcome as an emperor. This would also serve as a wakeup call for Situ Rong to stop lazing around.


Xie Yun sent more people into the mountain to join the search party. Almost four hours had passed when he saw a guard frantically walking over. “Bad news, Your Highness! Prince Hao has been found, but he is completely pale, and clearly out of stamina. Despite this, he is trying to dig through a hill of mud from the landslide with his bare hands!”


“Dig through the mud? Which part of the mountain is he on?” Xie Yun immediately asked.


“The area not far away from where the Third Imperial Prince’s body was found. Prince Hao keeps digging while calling the Princess Consort’s name.”


Blood drained from Xie Yun’s face as he clenched his hands under his sleeves. Su Xi-er is buried under the mud?


He rejected the possibility just as quickly as it flashed past his mind. Impossible! Such an intelligent woman can kill Situ Li, so she must have been able to escape too!


But if I can think of that, it should be the case for Pei Qianhao too. If he’s still been reduced to digging through the mud despite this, does that mean that he’s already fallen into despair?

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