With a poisonous needle shot into the acupoint on their forehead, any grown man would’ve fallen over by now. However, Situ Li’s mind was clouded by hatred, forcing his body towards Su Xi-er in an unsteady manner.


Having run out of silver needles, Su Xi-er quickly dodged out of the way upon his sudden attack, only allowing his hand to brush past her sleeve.


“Just like the rumours say, your combat skills are indeed impressive!” Situ Li spoke slowly, but his movements were the exact opposite. As Su Xi-er raised her leg to deliver a kick to his abdomen, he rushed forward to grab her collar and fling her to the ground.


Su Xi-er’s back was throbbing with pain from the force, but she still managed to roll out of the way and leap to her feet. Grabbing a pebble, she deftly struck his forehead acupoint again. As it was the same spot that had been afflicted with the poison, attacking it again would cause him to slow down.


As expected, Situ Li’s movements slowed down. Nevertheless, he forced himself onward as he aimed to grab Su Xi-er by the neck. Just as he was about to reach her, a flash of lightning struck down, splitting the sky in half. Dark clouds rapidly descended with a fierce storm, and a fierce wind immediately began to kick up the dust and pebbles in the area.


Some of the sand got into Situ Li’s eyes, forcing him to squint. He was only able to catch a glimpse of a red figure and reach out his hand, before someone kicked the back of his knees.


Situ Li collapsed with a thud as Su Xi-er ruthlessly slammed her foot down on his wrist, as if she were trying to bury it in the ground.


Under the dark sky, he could only see Su Xi-er’s twinkling eyes, and he couldn’t help but raise his other hand towards her. “Do you believe that you will still die sooner or later, even if I don’t kill you? The occult has stated that it is wrong to occupy another person’s body. The heavens will punish you.”


Su Xi-er stepped down even harder. “Do you mean to say that Heaven will still take me, even if no one kills me?”


Situ Li laughed out loud. “Not Heaven. Hahaha, you will die sooner or later.” Su Xi-er will never guess who will take her life. I wonder what her expression will be once she meets them again. It’s a shame that I won’t have the chance to witness that scene.


The sound of thunder resounded again as flashes of lightning struck down multiple trees in succession.


“Su Xi-er, if you still don’t go to the summit of the mountain, your current husband will die, believe it or not!” Situ Li felt the pain from his forehead intensify, his pupils turning black as the poison began to take its grasp.


Just before he passed out, Situ Li felt as if an earthquake had spread across the mountain. Finally closing his eyes, everything in the surroundings became distant.


Leaving him, Su Xi-er quickly turned and sped up the mountain, dodging falling trees as the wind and rain pushed them over. Looking at the top of the mountain, she found that the fire had already been extinguished by the relentless thunderstorm. The constant ringing in her ears served as a reminder that the soil loosened by the rain could easily lead to a landslide.


Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, Xie Yun was sitting in his horse carriage when a guard came to report. “Commandery Prince, the mountain peak caught fire. The Third Imperial Prince fell to an ambush, and his whole army was wiped out. Prince Hao has taken in the remaining soldiers and has returned to the Third Imperial Prince’s old territory.”


Xie Yun waved his hand. “Back to the capital.” We’ve finally gotten rid of Situ Li. Once Beimin’s new policies have stabilised, Zhen Yu and I will go to Peach Blossom Village to get married.

However, he suddenly frowned as he spotted a group of men in coarse clothes running down the mountain. Who are those people?

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