Su Xi-er addressed him at this moment. “Imperial Bodyguard Wu, this servant thinks that it’s still better for Prince Hao to make a trip to the Pei Residence.”


Wu Ling’s eyelids twitched. She’s actually minding Prince Hao’s matters!


“The matter has spiralled into a huge commotion. With the Empress Dowager and Prince Hao in a rage, the whole imperial palace is trembling in fear. The ones who stand to lose the most from this exaggerated argument are the palace maids and eunuchs.” Su Xi-er explained slowly before she bowed and prepared to return to her room.


“Su Xi-er, Prince Hao doesn’t like artificial women who pester him.”


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, why are you telling this servant all these?”


“I just casually mentioned it. However, if you deliberately act in a pretentious manner rather than carry yourself with your real temperament, you will be discovered by Prince Hao. At that time, it will cause him to be displeased and kill you.”


“Imperial Bodyguard Wu, you are worrying too much. It’s better for you to return earlier.” Su Xi-er then walked towards her room door nimbly.


Wu Ling looked at the closed door. Prince Hao will surely lose interest in her after the novelty wears off, won’t he? What Beimin doesn’t lack the most is beautiful women. This is even disregarding the fact that other small nations have to offer beauties every few years. 


Wu Ling lamented for a while before he finally left the Laundry Service Bureau, hurrying to the Prince Hao Residence.


An hour later, Wu Ling entered the Prince Hao Residence, but realised that Prince Hao wasn’t resting. Instead, he was sitting in the main seat in the hall as his right fingers knocked the table again and again.


Hence, Wu Ling plucked up his courage to ask, “Your Highness, are you really not going to the Pei Residence?”


Pei Qianhao’s knocking stopped. “Pass on the news into the Pei Residence that the head palace maid serving beside the Empress Dowager had her eyeballs gouged out under this prince’s orders.”


“Ah?” Evidently, Wu Ling was unable to accept this piece of shocking news. He Ying’s eyeballs have been dug out?


“Why are you still not going there quickly?”


Wu Ling immediately stowed away his astonished expression and accepted the orders before leaving. However, he had only taken a few steps when he heard a cold voice again.


“Afterwards, go to the Laundry Service Bureau and monitor Su Xi-er. See what other tricks she is going to play.” A subtle glint flickered across Pei Qianhao’s eyes as he gave his orders.


Wu Ling was surprised again. I even have to monitor her? Truly, even I don’t understand what Prince Hao wants to do anymore. Why doesn’t he just take her into the Beauty Palace?


Finding that the more he mulled over it, the more confused he became, Wu Ling decided to purge his mind of the matter before rapidly leaving the hall and heading to the Pei Residence.




While all this had been quietly occurring, a ruckus had been going on in another part of the imperial palace.


Yuchi Mo looked at the detained He Ying. He confirmed once again, “Prince Hao instructed for Miss He’s eyeballs to be dug out?”


The imperial guard immediately nodded. “Yes.”


He Ying repeatedly protested, “I am someone who serves the Empress Dowager. If the Empress Dowager finds out, you will definitely bear all the consequences!”


Yuchi Mo shook his head. “If this subordinate doesn’t comply with Prince Hao’s orders, I will still bear all the consequences.”


“You…” He Ying’s eyes widened as went speechless as she glared at him with anger.


“Bring the stove here,” Yuchi Mo instructed as he took a small knife from the table.


He Ying’s whole body was writhing, but the ropes binding her were tight enough to prevent her from budging.


“You didn’t stay in the Compassionate Peace Palace properly and just had to run to where Prince Hao was to behave atrociously. Miss He, don’t blame me.”


“Yuchi Mo!” He Ying glared at him ferociously.


The stove was soon brought over by his subordinates. Yuchi Mo briefly heated the knife before removing it from the stove.


“These eyeballs will be gone with two moves of the knife. It won’t hurt after a few days. It’s considered a favour that Prince Hao didn’t ask for your life.” He then raised the knife and aimed it at He Ying’s eyeballs.


Suddenly, it was as if a wind had blown past her eyes. 


A man clad in long black robes appeared in everyone’s sight, swiftly snatching He Ying over.


Yuchi Mo watched him without speaking a word; rather, he had expected that this person would come.


It was fortunate that Su Xi-er was currently not around. If she had been present, she would have definitely recognised the man in black clothes. This was the man who had wanted to kill her in the former Empress’ repose palace.

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These eyeballs will be gone with two moves of the knife. It won’t hurt after a few days.

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