The voice that slipped out of Pei Qianhao’s lips was so chilly that it instilled fear in the people’s hearts. “This prince doesn’t care about whose dog you are. Since you have broken the rules, you can’t be spared.” 


Without needing him to signal with his eyes, two imperial guards hauled He Ying out of the Laundry Service Bureau and toward Yuchi Mo’s location.


The very same imperial guards that He Ying had brought along were now dragging her to have her eyes dug out.


He Ying was angry and scared. The sound of her unceasing screams frightened the palace maids in the Laundry Service Bureau until their whole bodies stiffened. 


Pei Qianhao swept his gaze over all the palace maids. “Are you all standing there and doing nothing because you want your eyeballs to be gouged out?”


Everyone’s expression changed and Old Maidservant Li immediately bowed. “This old servant will be returning to my room now.”


She then waved her hands at all the palace maids. “All of you, return to your rooms!”


The palace maids immediately scattered without even a single one left behind. Su Xi-er also turned around and headed towards her room.


However, she was stopped by Pei Qianhao before she could get far. “You, stay behind.”


Su Xi-er turned around and looked at him. “Prince Hao, this servant doesn’t want my eyeballs to be gouged out.”


“Who wants your eyeballs?”


This pair of eyes is the most unique. I’m still not done with appreciating them.


“Prince Hao, what do you want to do? This servant has already worn the red Chinese bodice.”


At this moment, Pei Qianhao released her arm and said slowly, “Keep this Chinese bodice. You are not allowed to get rid of it. As for what this prince wants to do, at the very least, I won’t do anything to you tonight.”


“Many thanks to Prince Hao. This servant still has to work tomorrow, so I will be going back to my room to rest.”


How could Pei Qianhao possibly let her leave? “This prince won’t instruct someone to send clothes over tomorrow. You have no work to do tomorrow.”


Su Xi-er didn’t reply, only looking at him quietly. It wasn’t because she didn’t want to speak, but because she had nothing to say.


Right at this moment, Wu Ling walked into the Laundry Service Bureau swiftly. Seeing Prince Hao, he immediately bowed and paid his greetings.


However, he was taken aback when he spotted Su Xi-er. Why is she standing together with His Highness? More importantly, she’s even staring at him in such a manner.


Pei Qianhao happened to notice his expression as he sized her up. Wu Ling only discovered Prince Hao looking at him a moment later, causing him to immediately become solemn. “Prince Hao, the Empress Dowager…”


Wu Ling paused at this point and glanced pointedly at Su Xi-er. She’s a palace maid, after all. It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to hear this.


Pei Qianhao didn’t mind it at all. “Continue.”


Wu Ling had no choice but to listen to Prince Hao’s command. “This subordinate dispatched people to send the Empress Dowager back to the Compassionate Peace Palace, but Lord Pei said that the Empress Dowager will first stay in the Pei Residence for a few days. He also...invited you to head towards the Pei Residence.”


Su Xi-er pondered a little. These words weren’t spoken by the Empress Dowager, but Lord Pei. If he went as far as to ask Prince Hao head to the Pei Residence, does Lord Pei hope that Pei Qianhao can give in and bring the Empress Dowager back to the imperial palace?


However, will Pei Qianhao concede?


“If the Empress Dowager doesn’t want to return to the palace, let her continue staying at the Pei Residence. Don’t report these trivial matters to this prince.”


Wu Ling was surprised. These are trivial matters but Su Xi-er’s matters aren’t? Despite having such thoughts in his heart, he wouldn’t dare voice it aloud.


“Alright, you are dismissed.” Pei Qianhao waved his hand before looking at Su Xi-er. “You are sometimes punctilious, but sometimes careless.” He then turned around and simply walked away, leaving Su Xi-er standing there alone, baffled.


He is letting me go so easily? He even said that I’m careless? When have I been careless?


Unbeknownst to her, Pei Qianhao’s remark was concerning the pearl that he had once placed in the tiny groove in her room. Even now, she had yet to discover it.

Wu Ling gazed at Prince Hao’s departure before turning around to look at Su Xi-er carefully. She just looks beautiful. Why does Prince Hao treat her differently?

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Rakumon's Thoughts

Wu Ling gazed at Prince Hao’s departure before turning around to look at Su Xi-er carefully. She just looks beautiful. Why does Prince Hao treat her differently?

Hmm, I wonder why