While Su Xi-er was deep in thought, someone suddenly pushed the door open. She raised her head and noticed an old daoshi[1] wearing large cyan robes enter the room while stroking his beard.


Why did this daoshi suddenly come in? Su Xi-er furrowed her brow, suspicion colouring her eyes.


The daoshi remained silent as he closed the door behind him and inspected her, taking special care to look into her eyes.


Out of courtesy, Su Xi-er stood up and lowered her head. “Daozhang[2], may I ask why you have come here?”


Yet, the daoshi didn’t answer. He simply stood there and stared at her for what felt like an eternity with his deep set eyes before finally shaking his head and sighing. “There’s something wrong.”


Seeing his baffled look, Su Xi-er probed. “What’s wrong? Daozhang, could you enlighten me a little?”


“This body and your soul are quite compatible. Perhaps this isn’t the doing of an evil spirit, and is instead something ordained by the heavens.” The daozhang muttered softly, but Su Xi-er still heard him.


Situ Li must have found a daozhang to come over and expel my soul out of this body.


Daozhang, what body and soul? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Su Xi-er deliberately feigned ignorance.


The daozhang looked at her and said in a solemn voice. “Since it is the will of the heavens, you should continue to stay in this body, creating fortune for the people and being filial to the original host’s parents. One shall not interfere with this any further.” He then walked out, allowing the howling wind to enter in his wake.


Su Xi-er watched as the daozhang gradually faded into the distance. If he wants to interfere, would my soul really be expelled from this body?




When Situ Li saw the daozhang outside the courtyard residence, he knew that the latter hadn’t done as instructed.


“Third Imperial Prince, one has exhausted all means. The soul has already settled in the body for too long, and is unable to exit.” The daozhang gave him a bow.


He tried to walk away, but Situ Li signalled to a guard for the daozhang to be stopped.


“Third Imperial Prince, what do you mean by this? Do you intend to force me?” Possessing a pure heart, the daozhang found the schemes used in court to be distasteful, and was thus displeased about being threatened.


“You just need to write an announcement in the name of Daozhang Zixu, letting the world know that Princess Consort Hao’s body contains the soul of the previous Eldest Imperial Princess, Ning Rulan, the person who disrupted the court.”


Daozhang Zixu stared at Situ Li. “In this one’s opinion, that soul harbours no evil intentions. On the other hand, Third Imperial Prince, your heart doesn’t possess kindness. Most evil people don’t stay in this world for long, and this one must advise you to reconsider.”


He politely invited me over, but now that I didn’t do as he said, he doesn’t intend on letting me go?


“If that’s the case, there’s no need for Daozhang Zixu to be alive.” Situ Li’s voice grew cold. With a raise of his hand, the sound of a sword sliding out of its sheath could be heard.


Daozhang Zixu took a step back, but the guard held him in place and made him helpless to avoid the sword that approached his neck. It was only as the blade descended that a pebble flew out and struck the sword, forcing it off course.


Su Xi-er sashayed over, challenging Situ Li with an authoritative tone. “What, you plan to make use of the daozhang to frame me as an evil spirit?”


Situ Li threw the sword away to the side, allowing it to be caught by the guard before the latter respectfully stood to the side.


“You are an evil spirit; you should have died long ago.”

1. A Daoist priest.

2. The term to address a daoshi

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