“Not familiar? She’s you. You don’t even know yourself? Well, there are some people who look intelligent on the outside, but actually don’t even know themselves. Do you agree, Ning Rulan?” Situ Li picked up a teacup and swirled its contents.


“Third Imperial Prince, are you unwell? You seem to be spouting a whole lot of nonsense.”


“What would you think if I said that it was Yun Ruofeng who told me about this?” In reality, Yun Ruofeng hadn’t mentioned anything, especially since such a thing would be shocking to most people, but Situ Li wanted to try his luck.


Su Xi-er was able to maintain a calm facade as she said, “Why would I care about such rumours? Instead, let me ask you some questions. Third Imperial Prince, why do you wish to destroy your relationship with your brother? The late Emperor is already dead, and your Empress Mother is already in the underworld; perhaps they’ve even made up there. Is it really worth it to dredge up a grudge from so long ago that those involved are already dead?”


Situ Li’s hand froze before he practically slammed the teacup he was holding back on the table, spilling some of its contents.


“Would Yun Ruofeng have died if you gave up on your revenge?” Situ Li stood up suddenly.


Everything would make sense if Su Xi-er is Ning Rulan. Yun Ruofeng and Ning Lianchen would never treat a stranger they just met like that.


Su Xi-er could tell that Situ Li was adamant about the fact that she was Ning Rulan; there was no way she could convince him otherwise. In this case, I should just stay silent.


“Don’t worry, This Prince won’t do anything to you. You can eat and drink your fill here for the next few days. You’re also allowed to order the guards around. The only thing you cannot do is leave.” Situ Li then walked out.


A guard came up to him and said in a soft voice, “Third Imperial Prince, Daozhang[1] Zixu is here.”


Situ Li’s eyes glinted before he barked out an order. “Keep an eye on her.”


The guard bowed and took his position at the entrance of the room as his master left.


Su Xi-er looked at the teapot as she thought about what Situ Li just said. He’s someone who’s hidden himself for years, just like Shi Mo. Unlike Shi Mo, however, he isn’t hasty to put his plan into action.


Situ Li welcomed Daozhang Zixu into the compound and led him into another room.


Dressed in a green robe and holding a horsetail whisk, the old priest looked at Situ Li and said, “Third Imperial Prince, one has looked into what you mentioned in your letter. According to the occult, there is a chance for rebirth as long as all the conditions are met, but it’s still an evil spirit with a strong obsession possessing her body. It needs to be eliminated.”


“This Prince doesn’t need it to be eliminated, I just want it out of the body.”


The daozhang frowned. “It would not be an issue if she was just a commoner, but she’s no ordinary person. One does not wish to get involved in court affairs.”


“I guess you might be lying then, Daozhang Zixu. I’ve invited you here for a reason. It would be unfair to the original owner if the soul couldn’t return to its original body because it’s been possessed by an evil spirit for so long.”

Daozhang Zixu contemplated for a while before relenting. “In this case, one will take the time to meet Princess Consort Hao.”

1. Term of address for a Daoist priest.

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