Cooperation between Beimin and the Western Region officially started today, and the commoners were all excited at the news. The streets were decorated with bright red lanterns, and several performance troupes were putting on free shows to celebrate the occasion. It was already mid-winter, but even the cold couldn’t stop the many families that were out and about to enjoy the festivities.


Before long, nothing but the sound of the wind and the carriage wheels could be heard from inside the carriage.


Thoughts were swarming in Su Xi-er ‘s mind. She was thinking about how to get rid of Situ Li, how to enforce the new system in Beimin, how cooperation with the Western Region would work, and about their alliance with Nanzhao. She felt that days of peace seemed to be near.


However, the night was fated to not be peaceful as a loud crash sounded from outside. Su Xi-er frowned as she recognized the sound of a wheel cracking, calling to the guard who was driving the carriage. “What’s going on?”


Silence answered her, but before she could pull open the curtains to assess the situation, a large hand opened them instead.


“Princess Consort Hao, my lord would like to invite you for an audience.”


Stepping down from the carriage, Su Xi-er found herself surrounded by six well-built men standing outside. Her guard had already been knocked unconscious. “Who is it? This isn’t very polite.”


“You will know who it is when you meet him. If you refuse to come with us, we’d just have to use force. I’m sure Princess Consort Hao would make a wise choice.”


The only enemy I have in Beimin’s capital would probably be Situ Li.


“Fine, I’ll go with you.”


After a few steps, one of the men took out a black cloth to blindfold Su Xi-er. “I seek your forgiveness, Princess Consort Hao.” He then tied her right hand with a rope before leading her away.


They were trying to prevent her from recognizing where they were heading.


When they turned a corner, Su Xi-er dropped a silk handkerchief on the ground, using the cover of darkness to mask her motions. The handkerchief was completely normal, save for the “Tan” character sewn onto it. It was the handkerchief that Tan Ge had asked Su Xi-er to put on her mother’s grave, and Pei Qianhao would certainly know who had taken her when he saw it.


Eventually, Su Xi-er’s arm was untied, and her blindfold came off to reveal an expressionless man in white robes tapping his fingers on a desk.


Su Xi-er simply watched Situ Li as he spoke.


“How should I address you? Princess Consort Hao, Princess, or Su Xi-er?” Situ Li looked up as he asked.


Su Xi-er walked up to the desk and sat opposite him. “Address me however you like.”


Situ Li smirked. “To me, you’re nothing but a maidservant who cleans chamberpots.”


Su Xi-er observed him silently. She hadn’t forgotten how he had previously helped her when she was still a maidservant in the palace side quarters.


“Do you still remember what I told you? You’re just like me.” Situ Li said.

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