Su Xi-er smiled and said, “Feng Changqing is no ordinary person. Prince Hao specially invited him from Nanzhao to oversee the breeding process of the Lingrui flowers. He also has impressive combat skills, and nobody in the Prince Hao Residence views him as a simple servant. With such recognition, his marriage must be a great affair; we’ll select a date to hold it once Beimin’s matters have been settled.”


Xie Liuli nodded shyly. “I’ll follow the Princess Consort’s arrangements.”


Su Xi-er watched the two ladies continue with their embroidery work after finishing the bird’s nest porridge, silently impressed with their skills.


She picked up the tiny red dress and marvelled, “This dress is exquisite; even the peony that’s been sewn on looks so realistic.”


Zhen Yu looked up and said, “You flatter me, Princess Consort. There are many others in Peach Blossom Village whose skills surpass mine.”


“I guess Peach Blossom Village should be named Seamstress Village if you have such amazing skills. If you have a boy, I’ll gladly take all the girl outfits.”


Xie Liuli smiled. “Go ahead. Sister-in-law and I have been making so many of these outfits that we probably have enough to last until the child is four. In fact, we’re already working on clothes for when they turn five.”


“How quick; now, all that’s left is for me to give birth.” Su Xi-er answered with a laugh before she turned to Zhen Yu. “Do you have morning sickness?”


“The Imperial Physician said that some women are affected by morning sickness for about two to three months, but I guess I’m pretty lucky since it lasted for less than a month for me. Princess Consort, are you asking because you’re curious how it feels to be pregnant?” Zhen Yu teased.


Su Xi-er answered simply. “Yup, I’m curious.”


Xie Liuli then said, “Don’t worry, Prince Hao will take such good care of you that he’d want to experience morning sickness with you if he could."


Su Xi-er laughed as she imagined Pei Qianhao vomiting together with her.


“How has Commandery Prince Xie been? Does he need to be in the wheelchair forever?”


Xie Liuli sighed before saying, “Though Elder Brother managed to drive off the Third Imperial Prince this time, the Imperial Physician said that his injuries he sustained were too severe. I already went to Lady Mei to ask for help, but even she said that she would need some time to think about how to treat him.”


“Nanzhao’s Mei family is known for their skills in medicine. If Mei Jinxiu can come up with something, there might still be a glimmer of hope for Commandery Prince Xie.” Su Xi-er had watched Zhen Yu’s face the entire time that she had been explaining, finding that the latter didn’t reveal any expression of displeasure at the thought of Xie Yun being a cripple.


Zhen Yu continued with her embroidery work for a while before saying, “Liuli and I can push him around if he can’t walk, and our child can do the same. Life should be like that, peaceful and quiet.”


Su Xi-er nodded, agreeing with what Zhen Yu said. She then kept the two women company as she watched them continue their embroidering work for several hours, finally deciding to return to the Prince Hao Residence.


When Su Xi-er’s carriage arrived at a fork in the road, the guard asked, “Princess Consort, many vendors are setting up their stalls since the night market is about to start soon. There will be a lot of people on the main street, so shall we take the less crowded route?”


Su Xi-er agreed with the suggestion, and the horse carriage turned into a quieter alley.


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