“He’s already married with a wife and daughter, while I’m pregnant with Xie Yun’s child. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed when I had first found out.”


Everything I believed in seemed to have crumbled the moment I saw Rong Qing, and it was actually Xie Yun who helped her move on. If not for Xie Yun, I wonder how I would have dealt with the cruel reality.


“Zhen Yu, don’t you feel as if you ending up with Xie Yun was fate? It's just that it was full of twists and turns.”


Zhen Yu touched her own stomach as she looked down at it. “The baby will be coming out next year. Xie Yun said he’ll take me to Peach Blossom Village during the new year.”


It was against tradition in Peach Blossom Village to have a child before getting married, so they wanted to go back and apologise for their actions.


“You’re planning to hold the wedding at Peach Blossom Village?” Su Xi-er asked.


Zhen Yu nodded. “Yes. Right after the new year, on the fifteenth day of the month, an auspicious date. We’ve already written to the village chief to inform him of it.”


“That’s a good idea. I’ll be there too.”


“Great! The celebration will be festive enough for everyone!”


Xie Liuli appeared with a tray and two bowls of bird’s nest porridge. “Princess Consort, you should have some too. It will improve your complexion and make your skin more lustre.”


Su Xi-er took a bowl and started sipping the porridge while Xie Liuli fed Zhen Yu.


After finishing her bowl, Su Xi-er looked to Xie Liuli and said, “Actually, there’s something I wanted to ask you about, Liuli. Are you familiar with Feng Changqing from the Prince Hao Residence?”


Xie Liuli blushed at his name, and only answered after some time. “Of course.”


She felt flustered at Su Xi-er’s sudden question and bit her lip. Did he ask for Princess Consort Hao’s assistance to reject me? Why can’t he accept me if Elder Brother and Prince Hao are already on good terms? Could it be that he really doesn’t have any feelings for me?


While Xie Liuli was getting depressed by her thoughts, Su Xi-er said, “If the two of you really love each other, then it’s best to get together as quickly as possible. After Beimin’s affairs have been settled, I’ll promote Feng Changqing, and the wedding can be completed before the year is out. What do you think, Commandery Princess?”


Xie Liuli looked up at her, surprised. “He wants to marry me? He accepted me?”


“Why would he not accept you when you’re so pretty, kind, and likeable?” Su Xi-er answered with a smile. One of my long-time subordinates has been able to find love; I must oversee everything personally.


“I don’t need him to hold any sort of position or give any betrothal gifts. I’m happy with just him around.”


With how busy Xie Yun had been, Xie Liuli was naturally aware of the current state of Beimin. Now that Pei Qianhao had returned, the situation would undoubtedly improve. Of course, this also meant that things like marriages and celebrations could finally be held again.


Zhen Yu smiled. “Commandery Princess, betrothal gifts are a tradition. Even those in Peach Blossom Village, no matter how poor they might be, would at least prepare the bare basics of fabric, firewood, a donkey, and sets of quilts.”


Still blushing, Xie Liuli said, “Sister-in-law, it was me who pursued him. Now that he has accepted, I am extremely elated; why would I even care about things like betrothal gifts?”

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