Feng Changqing had revealed his scarred face to Xie Liuli once in the hopes of scaring her away. However, instead of leaving, she had reached up to gently touch his face with a pained expression; aside from Su Xi-er, she had been the only one to not mind his appearance.


But what would the commoners in Beimin think of a union between the Commandery Princess and a lowly gardener in the Prince Hao Residence? Moreover, ever since coming back from the Western Region, the Eldest Imperial Princess has gained even more respect from the commoners.


Su Xi-er turned serious as she asked, “Disregarding anything like appearance and background, let me ask you one question. Are you serious about Xie Liuli?”


Feng Changqing could tell that Su Xi-er wanted to know how he really felt, and in reality, he truly had fallen for Xie Liuli. As such, he could only slowly nod in response to her question.


“Leave everything to me then. I won’t disappoint you after you’ve worked with me for so long.” Su Xi-er patted him on the shoulder and smiled.


Before leaving the Prince Hao Residence, she reminded him about the renewed search for Situ Li. Bowing in respect, Feng Changqing waited until she had departed before going about his duties.


Su Xi-er then headed for the Commandery Prince Residence, arriving at the entrance after about an hour. One of the guards greeted her as she alighted the horse carriage. “This subordinate pays his respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Su Xi-er waved a hand and said, “I haven’t seen the Commandery Princess in a while, and I’m just here to catch up with her.”


The guard nodded and gestured politely as he led her into Xie Liuli’s courtyard. Inside were two ladies working on some embroidery while sitting outside.


Both of them looked up, surprise apparent in their eyes as they saw Su Xi-er. Xie Liuli ran up to her and said, “Princess Consort Hao, didn’t you just return to Beimin yesterday?”


Su Xi-er glanced at the other woman, Zhen Yu, and smiled. “I wanted to see the both of you.” It was obvious by the shape of her stomach that Zhen Yu was pregnant. She attempted to get up to bow as a greeting, but felt a cramp in her legs when she attempted to do so.


“There’s no need for formalities while you’re pregnant; just take care of yourself.” Su Xi-er then went up to her and made her sit back down.


Seeing the tiny shirt on the table, Su Xi-er realised that Zhen Yu and Xie Liuli were working on new clothes for the baby.


Zhen Yu said, “Princess Consort, I’ve made two sets for everything. One for a girl and one for a boy. I remember everything you told me.”


Whether I have a boy or a girl, I will give the other set to Princess Consort Hao.


Su Xi-er was comforted when she saw the joy in Zhen Yu’s face. She could tell that the latter had finally let go of Brother Hu, and that she was prepared to live the rest of her life with Xie Yun.


“Stay here, I’ll go get the bird’s nest porridge.” Xie Liuli smiled and went to the kitchen, leaving only Su Xi-er and Zhen Yu behind.


Zhen Yu looked at Su Xi-er for a while before finally saying, “Princess Consort Hao, there’s no need to continue looking for Brother Hu. I’ve already met him, and he’s no longer the Brother Hu I knew; he’s the Third Young Master of the Rong Family.”


“I can tell that you’re prepared to live the rest of your life with Xie Yun. It’s good that you’re able to let go.”

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