Su Xi-er was reminded of the sachet hanging on Xie Yun’s waist. This means that Zhen Yu is now in the Commandery Prince Residence. Since Rong Qing is aware that Prince Hao is his biological brother, he probably made a trip to the capital city to acknowledge their brotherly ties. A-Jing intends to do that too. If that’s the case, we have to make a trip to the Rong Residence.


“Princess Consort, Zhen Yu will be fine right? Ruo Yuan and I have no idea what we should’ve done, and you weren’t around either.”


Su Xi-er waved a hand. “She’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”


She then walked out and asked one of the guards, “Where’s Feng Changqing?”


The guard shook his head and said, “He hasn’t been in the residence for the past few days. He might be in the garden or the palace.”


Su Xi-er nodded at this. She had a job for Feng Changqing, and decided to wait for him to return to the Prince Hao Residence.


By the time the man in question returned, it was already late afternoon. He was dressed in blue from head to toe, including a blue veil that covered his face. The only part of him that was visible, his eyes, seemed to shine more brightly than in the past.


Su Xi-er could sense the difference immediately. “Changqing, did you find someone you like while I was gone?”


Feng Changqing denied it right away. “No way. You’re thinking too much, Your Highness. However, let me ask you, are you looking for me because of matters involving the Third Imperial Prince?”


Su Xi-er nodded. “That’s right. It’s time for us to use the men from Nanzhao who’ve been stationed in Beimin.”


“I’ve already prepared the men in anticipation, Princess. You don’t have to worry about the men losing to the sishi under the Third Imperial Prince either. Your ex-subordinates have been through countless battles with you.”


“Reward all of these men handsomely after the job is completed. They can stay in Beimin and start families here if they wish.”


Feng Changqing bowed. “This subordinate thanks Your Highness on behalf of all the ex-subordinates.”


“There’s no need to thank me; this is only natural since they’re risking their lives for me. However… why do I feel as if there’s something different about you? You seem rather distant.”


Feng Changqing stiffened at this. Her Highness is so observant. Should I tell her about it?


“You’re hiding something. Just say which girl it is; I’ll prepare the gifts for you.”


He finally decided to come clean, kneeling down as he spoke. “This subordinate has indeed fallen for a girl, but my status is too low to be with her.”


Now that Xie Yun and Pei Qianhao were on good terms, there was no need for him to stay away from Xie Liuli anymore. The latter had even taken the initiative to pursue him, and he himself was rather moved. However, he worried that his lowly background and scarred face made him not good enough.


“Nonsense, there’s no girl in this world you can’t match up to.” Su Xi-er paused for a moment before continuing. “Let me guess, it’s Xie Liuli?”


The surprise on Feng Changqing’s face betrayed him.


Su Xi-er laughed. “Xie Liuli is a good girl, and you should treasure her. I’ll make the arrangements for the marriage after we’ve settled everything with the Third Imperial Prince. The atmosphere in the Commandery Prince Residence will be one of celebration with so many joyous occasions happening at once.”


Liuli and Changqing, Xie Yun and Zhen Yu, and Zhen Yu’s baby. Xie Yun is really lucky. We can decide if we live or die with a single thought. One should know when to let go. Unlike Shi Mo, Tan Ge, Ning Anlian, and Yun Ruofeng, Xie Yun was able to live a peaceful life now because he chose to give up on all that hatred.


“Your Highness, this subordinate is not good enough for the Commandery Princess.” Feng Changqing insisted.


“I know what Xie Liuli is like, and she wouldn’t care about your looks. That being said, we have many medicines available to us now that the Western Region and Beimin are cooperating. We can definitely fix this problem.”

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