Imperial Physician Zhao was then led out of the room before Su Xi-er turned to Pei Qianhao and hugged him. “A-Jing.”


Pei Qianhao returned the hug and said, “There are some herbs and medicine that originate from the Western Region that cannot be found in the four nations; they have such great effects that they have been termed holy medicine.”


“Imperial Grandmother told me that the pills would be effective. I’ll send her a letter if I manage to get pregnant.” Su Xi-er looked up and smiled at him.


“Stay in the residence and rest. You don’t have to worry about anything else.” Pei Qianhao patted her on the back before he made to leave for the morning court. Wu Ling was already waiting outside to accompany him.


“The things discussed during today’s morning court assembly are undoubtedly going to have a great effect on Beimin. I’ll wait for you to get back.”


Pei Qianhao ran his fingers through her hair gently and nodded before leaving for the palace.


After a while, Hong Li walked in to see Su Xi-er still in the main hall before walking up to enthusiastically greet her. “Princess Consort!” 


“Princess Consort, everyone was saying that you’re the Imperial Princess of the Western Region while you were away. To think that He Xiangyu repeatedly mentioned that you were of lowly birth in the past.”


“There’s no need to talk about what happened in the past.” Su Xi-er answered with a smile.


Hong Li nodded. “Let’s not talk about that then, but have you heard about how Miss Qing left in tears after visiting Commander Wu? Ruo Yuan and I haven’t seen much of her after that.”


Su Xi-er looked confused upon hearing this. Isn’t Ye Qingzhu supposed to be taking care of Dowager Consort Guo in the palace? How was she able to leave?


“Princess Consort, Commander Wu fetched Miss Qing from the palace and gave her some silvers before telling her that she should live a life of freedom. Since Miss Qing never returned after that, I suspect that she’s thought things through after having that conversation.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “Being able to live one’s life freely sounds great.”


Not everyone is as fortunate as Xie Yun. He has the support of his sister, and from the looks of the red sachet at his waist, it seems like he is even able to find love after everything he did.


Hong Li was suddenly reminded of something. “There’s something else that’s very important! A man with the surname ‘Rong’ visited shortly after you and Prince Hao left. He looked very much like Prince Hao, except that he was a lot paler, and he looked rather sickly. Prince Hao still looks the best!”


Su Xi-er realised that it had been very late at night when she and Pei Qianhao had returned from their trip to the Western Region, and that none of their guards had been given a chance to report this piece of news.


“Did that man say anything? How long did he stay?”


“He didn’t say a thing. He just said his surname was ‘Rong’, and that he would like to see Prince Hao. It was then that Zhen Yu arrived on a horse carriage from the Commandery Prince Residence and left with the man. It was quite strange if I do say so myself.”


Su Xi-er’s eyes widened. What?! If Zhen Yu and Rong Qing have already met, that means that Zhen Yu already knows about Rong Qing already being married. She must be so sad!


“Princess Consort, Zhen Yu never came back after that.”

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