CHAPTER 600 (2): JOY

Will Elder Brother Lianchen keep his word if I keep mine?, wondered Liu Yinyin.


“Yinyin, have an early night. I’m going back.” Situ Lin then turned to leave.


The palace maid who had brought the medicine bowed in greeting as Situ Lin passed her in the courtyard.


“Take the brazier inside quickly.” Situ Lin waved a hand to dismiss her before leaving.


However, the palace maid followed and said, “Your Majesty, Young Miss Yinyin told Princess Consort Hao that she didn’t want to stay in the palace. She wants to return to the Prince Hao Residence as soon as she can.”


Situ Lin frowned at this. She doesn’t want to stay here? Does she not want to see me?


Situ Lin then said, “Take good care of her.” before he left.


The palace maid was wondering why Liu Yinyin did not want to stay in the palace. His Majesty will be turning eighteen soon, and will have to take a consort. Miss Yinyin would also be of age, and the two of them would be a great match. With that being the case, why does she want to leave? Is His Majesty not good enough for her?


As Situ Lin grew older, more and more palace maids began admiring his good looks. They all felt that he had a charming aura, and that he would also develop a similar charm as Prince Hao as time passed.


Instead of resting, Situ Lin buried himself in work right after returning to his repose palace. He ignored the Head Eunuch who reminded him to take a rest, and it was only when midnight came that he decided to take a break, staring at the candlelight.


“Your Majesty, you’re young, but you still have to take care of your health. Take a rest.” The Head Eunuch spoke respectfully.


Situ Lin rubbed his temples and asked, “What do you think of the palace, having been here for such a long time?”


Surprised at the sudden question, the Head Eunuch bowed as he answered. “This old servant doesn’t have parents, so I see the palace as my home. It’s a place where I find warmth, though not everyone would agree with me. For example, those with families would only feel as if they’re being trapped in a huge cage.”


Yinyin’s home is in Nanzhao, so the Beimin Imperial Palace is nothing but a cage for her. It’s no wonder she wants to leave, or at least be at the Prince Hao Residence than here.


Situ Lin sighed. Well, I’ll just let her go if Imperial Aunt decides to take her away.


The Head Eunuch could tell that Situ Lin had a lot on his mind.


Since this eunuch was placed here by Pei Qianhao after the Empress Dowager left the palace, he wondered, Should I tell Prince Hao about this?


Situ Lin slept fitfully that night.


The next morning, Ruo Yuan had brewed some white fungus and lotus seed soup for Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao’s breakfast. Following their meal, Su Xi-er took the medicinal pill that her grandmother had given her.


Pei Qianhao held her hand and said, “Your hands are getting warmer and warmer, and you’re no longer on your period.”


Su Xi-er blushed at this. Did he say this on purpose because he wants to do that?


At this point, an imperial physician entered the main hall before starting to take Su Xi-er’s pulse.


After a while, he smiled. “Congratulations, Princess Consort Hao. Your constitution has improved; it’s a blessing from the heavens! The best time will be about fourteen days before the Princess Consort has her period.”


Both Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao were elated to hear this.


Pei Qianhao waved a hand as he instructed, “Reward the imperial physician with two golden ingots.”

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