CHAPTER 600 (1): JOY

Situ Lin had grown and matured quite a bit during this time, and he now had a keener sense of observation. He could tell immediately that Liu Yinyin had gotten upset when he mentioned making her his empress.


“Yinyin, I won’t say that again if you don’t like it.”


Why does she not want to be an empress and enjoy a life of luxury and status? Maybe she’s still thinking of returning to Nanzhao.


I know that Nanzhao’s emperor, Ning Lianchen, is someone dear to Yinyin. He will be turning eighteen next year, and will be forced to take at least one consort as per tradition in all four nations.


Yinyin and Ning Lianchen are seven years apart, so it is impossible for Ning Lianchen to wait until she comes of age. In fact, it’d be no surprise if Ning Lianchen already has several consorts by then.


I, however, am only three or four years older than Yinyin. When I come of age, she will be right behind him, and when compared to Ning Lianchen, I should be the better choice.


Situ Lin’s eyes lit up at the thought, but quickly pushed it away. Imperial Uncle has reminded me to focus on my studies for the sake of the nation in the future, but here I am thinking about matters of the heart.


Liu Yinyin then yawned on purpose and said, “Your Majesty, it’s getting late, and I’m starting to get sleepy. Please take care when you return to your palace.”


She then waved a hand at him and turned to go back to her room, but felt Situ Lin grab her arm before she could leave. “Why are you suddenly sleepy now that I’m here? Sit down. I have something to tell you.”


He then led her to a chair as Liu Yinyin eyed him suspiciously. “What is it?”


“Imperial Aunt is the Western Region Imperial Princess.”


Liu Yinyin gave a non-committal hum before processing what had been said and widening her eyes. “Western Region Imperial Princess?”


“Mmm, it was a fake Princess who visited previously. Imperial Aunt is the real Imperial Princess, but even if she wasn’t, Imperial Uncle would still care for her. I didn’t have any parents to care for me when I grew up, so Imperial Uncle is my role model.” Situ Lin paused and looked at Liu Yinyin.


I’ll learn from my Imperial Uncle, including how he dotes on his wife. That being said… this girl doesn’t seem to fancy me.


“It’s true that Prince Hao treats Fairy Elder Sister well, but he’s too cold towards others.”


“You’ll just have to get used to it. Imperial Uncle’s cold exterior hides a warm soul, and I’ve known him for more than a decade.”


Situ Lin then took Liu Yinyin’s hand as he said, “You won’t be able to return to Nanzhao in the next few years, even if you want to.”


Liu Yinyin tried to retract her hand, but to no avail. She felt that the dynamics between her and Situ Lin seemed to have changed recently. Everything had been innocent and naive on the day we had first met, but everything feels so different now.


“Your Majesty, I understand, but I’ll have to return one day. I have to keep my promise.” Liu Yinyin then pried his fingers away from her hand.


Situ Lin’s eyes darkened. “Promise. You and...”

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