He Ying’s expression changed. She actually brought the Empress Dowager into this. Indeed, the Empress Dowager is currently not in the Compassionate Peace Palace, but only a few are privy to it!


The imperial guards were taken aback when they heard Su Xi-er’s words. Is the Empress Dowager not in the Compassionate Peace Palace? Could it be that she is resting in the Beauty Palace?




Pei Qianhao raised an eyebrow as he watched the situation suddenly take a 180 degree turn. She does have some capabilities, being able to last so long against this many people. If it had been an ordinary woman, they would have long been trembling as they lay prostrate on the ground, getting arrested immediately. 


However, I have stayed in the room long enough. I can go out now.




Outside the room, the atmosphere was very tense. When He Ying saw that the imperial guards were in a daze, she couldn’t help but berate them, “It has been so long, yet you all still can’t even seize a palace maid!”


With the reminder, the imperial guards walked towards Su Xi-er again. Just as they came within arms reach, the room door opened with a ‘kerchak’.


Everyone’s heart skipped a beat and their eyes instantly widened. Isn’t that the room Su Xi-er just walked out from?! There’s still someone inside!


He Ying glanced at Old Maidservant Li and sneered. “So this is the great palace maid you have supervised. She has even hidden someone in the room. Maybe it’s a scandalous secret man she’s having an affair with!”


As soon as she had spoken, an intimidating man’s voice could be heard.


“It’s the first time hearing someone discuss this prince in such a way. This manner of address seems to be rather interesting.”


A man with a tall figure walked out of the room and appeared in everyone’s sight.


The palace maids and imperial guards had been shocked by the door opening, but the appearance of Prince hao had them sucking in a breath of cold air. This breath seemed to carry the chill of a frigid tundra, and was terrifyingly freezing. 


He Ying’s expression totally changed as she immediately knelt down to pay her respects. “Prince Hao, please forgive me. This servant wasn’t aware that you were in the room.”


“Words that have been uttered are like spilt milk; they can’t be retrieved. Do you understand, Miss He?” Pei Qianhao purposely emphasised the words ‘Miss He’.


He Ying’s body trembled. In the past, Prince Hao has never looked at me in the eyes. Yet the first time he has even spoken to me tonight, he used ‘Miss He’. She knew that Prince Hao was already incensed.


How can a man in an eminent position stand being called by a scandalous secret man by others?


The more He Ying thought about it, the more afraid she grew. If Prince Hao pursues this matter, I will definitely suffer since the Empress Dowager is not in the imperial palace to protect me. 


“Tell me, how should this prince punish you?”


He Ying raised her head and suddenly shifted her gaze to Su Xi-er. “Prince Hao, why are you not punishing Su Xi-er first? She killed Flower, and Flower was the Empress Dowager’s darling. Since you didn’t come to the Compassionate Peace Palace to visit the Empress Dowager, she could only play with Flower. Flower is dead now! Yet, you walked out of Su Xi-er’s room. Are you not scared that…”


“Are you not scared that you will make the Empress Dowager bitterly disappointed?!” He Ying didn’t voice out the last part. She knew that Prince Hao would understand.


Su Xi-er felt that He Ying had gone mad. The Empress Dowager’s and Prince Hao’s relationship was originally been something that couldn’t be mentioned in the palace, yet she’s secretly implying it in front of so many people. If she provokes Prince Hao, she would be punished on the spot. 


“What is this prince scared of? Miss He, you are sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. You didn’t look after Flower properly, letting it run out, fall into the well, and thus, die. I should be punishing you. Since you don’t know how to look after it, what do you need your eyes for?”


He Ying’s whole body trembled. Prince Hao won’t order someone to dig my eyes out, right? Don’t tell me that he’s going to completely disregard the face of the Empress Dowager?


Pei Qianhao looked at the imperial guards at the side. “Take her to Yuchi Mo’s place and order someone to gouge her eyeballs out.”


His solemn tone made it clear that he wasn’t joking. Old Maidservant Li was frightened out of her wits. He actually wants to dig He Ying’s eyes out! She is someone who serves the Empress Dowager!


“Prince Hao, this servant waits upon the Empress Dowager!” He Ying only hoped that she could save herself and mentioned the Empress Dowager.

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