Right after she spoke, Su Xi-er pushed Pei Qianhao into the corner where the wardrobe was. Then, she walked towards the exit without sparing him a single glance, quickly leaving and closing the door behind her


No one discovered that Prince Hao was in the room.


Pei Qianhao’s narrowed eyes expressed his disgruntlement at being unceremoniously shoved into the corner. This woman. She did something different again.


If it had been any other woman, they would be at a loss of what to do in such a panicked situation. Then, when she saw me, she would have implored me for help. 


Yet, not only did she completely disregard me, she even pushed me into the corner so that I wouldn’t be seen by anyone else. It’s as if I’m something unpresentable.


If that’s her game, I’ll play along for now. Let’s see how she deals with He Ying.


Pei Qianhao was totally waiting to play the role of an audience watching a good show, eager to see how Su Xi-er would respond.


The radiant moonlight lit up the ground outside the room. A usually gentle and serene scene however, was turned into something more grisly by the various palace maids trembling in fear as they stared at the dozen or so imperial guards before them.


Is it really necessary to deploy more than ten imperial guards to apprehend just a lowly palace maid?


He Ying stood right at the front and swept her gaze over Su Xi-er coldly. “Su Xi-er, do you plead guilty?”


Su Xi-er looked straight at her. “I wonder what crime has this servant committed?”


“Hehe, didn’t I say it clearly before you even left your room? You caused Flower’s death. Just a moment ago, Flower died with its eyes wide open!”


“Miss He, you know best how Flower died. How could it have fallen into the well if it hadn’t been pouncing over to bite this servant? Furthermore, you were the one who prevented Old Maidservant Li from stopping it when she had the intention to do so.”


At one side, Old Maidservant Li’s face had turned ashen pale. Su Xi-er has dragged me in! It’s no use even if I hide!


He Ying sneered and looked at Old Maidservant Li. “Tell the truth as it is. Did you stop it back then?”


She spoke forcefully, hinting to Old Maidservant Li, “If you dare to say yes, you will definitely won’t have an easy time in the future.”


Just as Old Maidservant Li was trapped between a rock and a hard place, Su Xi-er questioned, “Flower’s wellbeing is your task. Who exactly should be punished for not taking proper care of it? Miss He, did you see this servant throw Flower into the well?”


Once again, He Ying was rendered speechless. She looked at Su Xi-er resentfully before raising her hand and instructing the imperial guards, “Arrest her and bring her directly to the Compassionate Peace Palace to await the Empress Dowager’s punishment.”


Su Xi-er was puzzled when she heard the words ‘Empress Dowager'.The Empress Dowager is currently not staying in the Compassionate Peace Palace, but the Pei Residence after losing her temper and being unwilling to return. If she’s not in the palace, how is she going to mete out my punishment?


All the imperial guards stepped forward and rushed towards Su Xi-er.


Su Xi-er dodged to one side and evaded the imperial guards. “Miss He, do you need more than ten imperial guards to deal with just this servant alone?”


“It’s fine as long as I can capture you. Why are you talking so much?” She spat back before turning to the imperial guards. “Quickly get to it!” 


The imperial guards immediately walked towards Su Xi-er. After all, they were burly adult men with strength in their arms. Soon, they were about to take her down.


Su Xi-er turned sideways. “Miss He, you said to bring this servant to the Compassionate Peace Palace to be punished by the Empress Dowager. However, the Empress Dowager has gone to the Beauty Palace. Has she already returned? Are you certain that she is in the Compassionate Peace Palace?”

In a split second, all the palace maids became perplexed. The Empress Dowager went to the Beauty Palace, but what happened after that? Why haven’t we heard any news?

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