Su Xi-er smiled. “Yinyin, you’ve grown up. I’ll get one of the best seamstresses in the palace to be your needlework tutor, and I’ll come to learn with you too when I have the time.”


“Are you planning to help Prince Hao patch up his clothes, Fairy Elder Sister?”


This reminded Su Xi-er of how Pei Qianhao had once purposely torn his clothes before having Wu Ling bring them to her to mend. The more she thought about it, the more she felt as if he had planned things from the start, and that she had fallen into his trap.


What everyone says is right  A-Jing is such a cunning old fox.


“Fairy Elder Sister, will you be leaving again? Could you take me to the Prince Hao Residence?”


Su Xi-er said, “I’m afraid I can’t do so when there’s so much going on. Give me some time, and after things are settled, I’ll bring you out to play.”


“Okay.” Liu Yinyin brightened at this.


Meanwhile, a palace maid had walked into the room carrying two packets of medicine. Su Xi-er turned to her and said, “Brew the medicine for six hours.”


The palace maid nodded and handed Su Xi-er the smaller of the two packets in her hands before saying, “The Imperial Physician said for Miss Yinyin to hold this in her mouth for a while; it’ll help her feel better.”


Su Xi-er placed a slice of the contents in the packet in Liu Yinyin’s mouth as the palace maid bowed and left. By the time the medicine had been prepared and fed to Liu Yinyin, it was already evening. Despite this, Pei Qianhao had yet to return.


They must have quite a lot to discuss and prepare considering they all have to be in court tomorrow morning. He’ll probably be late tonight.


Thus, Su Xi-er had dinner with Liu Yinyin. While the latter was washing up, Su Xi-er took out the bottle of pills that her grandmother had given her. She had taken more than ten pills on their way back to Beimin, and was already feeling its effects. Her hands and feet felt much warmer than before, and even Pei Qianhao could feel the difference. 


Such a miraculous medicine.


Perhaps this medicine really would help increase my chances of getting pregnant since I genuinely want to have a baby with Pei Qianhao. As someone who didn’t receive much motherly love when I was young, I hope that I can have a child of my own, and it’s even more wonderful to have it with the man I love.


When Liu Yinyin returned, she was confused when she spotted Su Xi-er smiling to herself while looking at her own tummy.


Is there a little fairy in Fairy Elder Sister’s tummy? Mum acted just like this when she wanted to bear another child for Dad.


Liu Yinyin walked up to Su Xi-er and asked with a playful smile. “Is there good news?”


“Look at you teasing me.” Su Xi-er stood up and bopped Liu Yinyin gently on her nose.


“There’s a little fairy, heehee.” Liu Yinyin happily chuckled as Pei Qianhao and Situ Lin walked in.


The smile on Liu Yinyin’s face disappeared as she spotted Situ Lin. She bowed respectfully in greeting, “Your Majesty, Prince Hao.”


Situ Lin walked up to her and said, “You’re unwell. No need for formalities.”


He then looked up at Su Xi-er and asked, “Imperial Aunt is with child?”


Pei Qianhao went up to Su Xi-er quickly and took her hand. “We will have a child when the time comes; Your Majesty need not be concerned. In any case, it’s late, and this Prince will take Su Xi-er back to the Prince Hao Residence. Your Majesty should turn in as well, after all, this is Liu Yinyin’s repose palace.”


Ignoring Situ Lin’s surprised expression, Pei Qianhao pulled Su Xi-er with him and left right away.


The atmosphere turned slightly awkward as Liu Yinyin backed away a little and said, “Your Majesty, please go back and rest.”

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