“I… I’m useless. I’m supposed to only return to Nanzhao after I come of age, but I already miss Elder Brother Lianchen despite it only having been a few months.”


“Oh, you miss him? Even when he treats Fang Lingdang better than you? Doesn’t Beimin’s Emperor treat you nicely? It’d be nice if the two of you could grow up together since the both of you are of similar age.”


“Fairy Elder Sister, I don’t know if I should be telling you about some things.” An unnatural look flickered in Liu Yinyin’s eyes for a moment.


“You can tell me anything, even things you can’t tell Lianchen.”


Liu Yinyin nodded and said, “Fairy Elder Sister, you’re just like my mother.”


Su Xi-er laughed; she was only sixteen in this body, while Liu Yinyin was eleven. Even if I was still Ning Rulan, my age would be similar to Pei Qianhao’s.


Liu Yinyin then shook her head. “You’re so young and pretty, Fairy Elder Sister. There’s no way you would have a daughter like me. What I wanted to say was...”


The palace maid came in with an imperial physician at this very moment, causing Liu Yinyin to fall silent.


The imperial physician bowed to Su Xi-er in greeting. “This humble subject pays his respects to Princess Consort Hao.”


Though Su Xi-er was able to command respect from court officials in the past, her identity as the Western Region Imperial Princess naturally made everyone a bit more fearful.


Part of the reason was because females from the Western Region were known to be a lot stronger and fiercer than those in Beimin, even capable of sending man sprawling on the ground.


Su Xi-er waved a hand and said, “You may rise. Quickly take a look at Yinyin.”


“This humble subject obeys the order.” The imperial physician started taking Yinyin’s pulse after placing a silk handkerchief over the girl’s wrist.


After a short while, he got up and bowed towards Su Xi-er. “Princess Consort Hao, there is no need to worry. Miss Yinyin has caught a cold, and hasn’t been in a good mood lately, so that has caused some internal heat to build up. This subordinate will provide a prescription, and she’ll safely recover with three days of rest.”


So it’s because Yinyin has too many things on her mind, thought Su Xi-er.


“This subordinate will leave to get the herbs required.” The imperial physician bowed as he spoke.


Su Xi-er looked at the palace maid nearby and instructed, “Go to the Imperial Physician Institute to get the medicine.” Nodding, the palace maid quickly bowed before following after the physician.


Su Xi-er held Yinyin’s hands and said, “Yinyin, you should take your mind off things.”


“Fairy Elder Sister, I miss Elder Brother Lianchen. Can I write a letter to him?”


Instead of answering her question, Su Xi-er asked, “What did you want to say earlier?”


Liu Yinyin hesitated for a while before answering. “I’ve only been here for a few months, and I see Beimin’s Emperor as a playmate. But, he told me he’ll make me empress in future. He’s just joking about that, right?”


Reminded of what Situ Lin said in the study, Su Xi-er understood the situation immediately. I see. I’m afraid he didn’t mean it as a joke.


“Fairy Elder Sister, he’s joking right? I won’t stay in Beimin, but His Majesty looked unhappy when I said that to him.”

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