The rest of the officials nodded at Grand Tutor Kong’s words. Changing too much at the same time may draw the displeasure of the aristocrats living in each province.. Not only that, the merchants have already adapted to the original system. There are already merchants who are grumbling about the recent restrictions on the silk trade; changing the current system is bound to arouse their fury once more.


Su Xi-er tapped Pei Qianhao under the table, signalling for him to stay silent. She then stood up and held her teacup out to Grand Tutor Kong. “Godfather, I’d like to present a toast to you.”


After taking a sip from her teacup, she waved a hand to signal for Grand Tutor Kong to take his seat and looked around at the rest of the officials. No one dared speak.


With a smile on her face, Su Xi-er said, “His Majesty and Prince Hao would naturally have considered the issues that Godfather just brought up. Part of the reason we are so confident in the cooperation with the Western Region is because of me. It doesn’t make sense to hesitate after already being tied together by marriage. Furthermore, the increase in trade will only benefit both nations. As for using Nanzhao’s policies as a reference, it’s all for the good of Beimin’s citizens.”


She walked away from her seat and picked up a pebble on the ground. “This pebble represents courage, and the teacup represents those who rely on the older system. That system has been in use for a century, and if we don’t change it, Beimin will never improve. Now that Nanzhao is developing, aren’t you afraid that they might surpass Beimin one day? It would be too late for us to cry once they do so.”


She then sent the pebble flying through the teacup, smashing it to pieces, and startling the officials in the process. Su Xi-er’s smile never left her face as she continued speaking. “Out with the old, in with the new. Who knows if a change in the system can open new doors for Beimin? Without change, there will never be improvement, and if we cannot trust His Majesty and Prince Hao, we may as well just wait for Nanzhao to overtake us someday.”


Confidence was overflowing from Su Xi-er as she spoke in a steady, assertive tone. She knew better than anyone that the policies she had drawn up for Nanzhao had been for the express purpose of surpassing Beimin.


If Beimin didn’t restructure, she knew for a fact that Nanzhao would surpass them sooner or later.


After a while, Situ Lin applauded. “That’s great, Imperial Aunt! Change is inevitable, and I’m confident that Beimin will only improve. Do you have anything else to add, Grand Tutor Kong?”


Grand Tutor Kong bowed. “Princess Consort Hao is right. This old subordinate is becoming muddle-headed; please forgive me. Now, I only hope that Your Majesty can discuss the specifics with Prince Hao and find how we can convince the people of these changes.”


A low voice answered, “Of course, if this Prince sets my mind on accomplishing something, I will never do a slipshod job.”


That imposing aura and awe-inspiring tone seemed to be able to convince everyone at the table. There seems to be nothing that is impossible for Prince Hao! He was even able to succeed in the large-scale transplantation of a plant species that had previously only grown in Nanzhao!


The officials spoke in tandem, “Your humble subjects understand and will await further instructions, Your Majesty.”


Xie Yun laughed and said, “We’ll have to trust Prince Hao on this. This Prince will be retiring after the restructuring in Beimin is settled.”


His words took the officials by surprise. Though Xie Yun had lost much of his influence, the commoners still revered him, his position boosted by the large part he played in thwarting the plans of the Third Imperial Prince and scoring a meritorious achievement.

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