Seeing how Su Xi-er was staring at the roasted lamb, Situ Lin misunderstood that she was looking forward to the dish as he came forward to introduce it.. “Beimin has this dish too, but it’s prepared differently from the Western Region. It goes without saying that the taste is quite different as well. We’ve typically kept it on the sidelines during previous banquets, but hope that everyone can have a taste today.”


He then signalled to the officials, who proceeded to take their seats after giving a respectful bow.


Su Xi-er smiled, comforted that Situ Lin had grown and matured so much. “Your Majesty, you really have the air of an Emperor now. Beimin will prosper under your rule.”


All the officials nodded silently in response, pleased about his growth. Situ Lin had taken on all of Pei Qianhao’s responsibilities in the time that the latter was away, and had proven himself a capable ruler.


Situ Lin said, “It’s all thanks to Prince Hao’s guidance and the support of my officials. But enough about that; everyone should have a taste of this delicious roasted lamb.”


The officials quickly gave out various sounds of agreement before starting to eat.


Su Xi-er tugged at Pei Qianhao when he reached out for the lamb. In a soft voice, she said, “You eat it. I’m not having any more lamb or beef.”


“You should have some; not only is it a Beimin delicacy that His Majesty has prepared especially for you, but lamb can also warm you up.” Pei Qianhao had read up on the foods that could warm one’s constitution, and lamb was one of them.


After hearing his words, Su Xi-er relented. “Fine, I’ll just have a little.”


The officials noted how intimate and loving Pei Qianhao and Su Xi-er acted, and many of them felt happy for the couple. The fact that Princess Consort Hao was the Western Region’s Imperial Princess was already well-known, and it seemed as if Pei Qianhao did not lack anything in his life at this point, possessing both power and beauty.


Situ Lin did not hire any dance or opera troupes to perform at the banquet, nor did he inform the imperial musicians to prepare a performance. He wanted everyone at the banquet to simply enjoy the meal and have a good chance to catch up with one another.


Finally, Situ Lin was the one to ask Su Xi-er about Beimin’s cooperation with the Western Region. Naturally, all the officials present also held an interest in the topic as a diplomatic alliance would bring much benefits to Beimin.


Pei Qianhao said, “This Prince will discuss this in detail with His Majesty after the banquet and provide everyone with the specifics in court tomorrow. We’ll also be looking at Nanzhao’s new policies and applying whatever works best to Beimin as well.”


The officials were surprised by Pei Qianhao’s plans. Not only is Beimin going to cooperate with the Western Region, we will also be taking from Nanzhao’s new policies. Beimin will be attempting to mature on all fronts, and needless to say, this will lead to massive change! It is just that… would this move be too risky for Beimin at the moment?


In the end, it was Grand Tutor Kong who spoke up after a while. “Prince Hao, regarding Nanzhao’s new policies, the nation has been thoroughly shaken by some internal unrest despite being on the road to recovery after implementing the new policies. Between restructuring and cooperation with the Western Region, it might be unwise if we were to work on both at the same time.”

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