Regardless of how unwilling Pei Qianhao was, he could only agree. “Xi-er should definitely accompany you more.”


“It’s good that you understand.” The Grand Empress Dowager then walked to her repose palace with Su Xi-er supporting her.


As such, Pei Qianhao was left to spend a miserable night by himself. Throughout the night, he found himself reaching out a hand to hug Su Xi-er out of habit, only to find the space next to himself woefully empty.


I’m really not used to her not being around.


The next morning, Pei Qianhao quickly rose and freshened up before heading to the Grand Empress Dowager’s repose palace. There, he had breakfast with Su Xi-er before bringing her to the Warming Jade Palace. When afternoon finally arrived, the Grand Empress Dowager personally arrived to bring Su Xi-er to the horse riding fields as promised.


Despite already knowing how to ride a horse, Su Xi-er was still excited when she saw the Grand Empress Dowager donning a horse riding outfit. Trying to avoid ruining the mood, Su Xi-er pretended that she was a complete novice, but even then, the Grand Empress Dowager was full of praise for her.




Just like that, the duo spent 20 days in the Western Region until they received an urgent letter from Beimin. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to the Western Region.


In front of the palace gates, the Grand Empress Dowager was caressing Su Xi-er’s hand, reluctant to see the latter leave. “Even though you have learnt how to ride a horse, I still haven’t taught you archery, yet you’re already leaving. I don’t even know when I will see you again.” It was the first time her voice had cracked.


Du Ling came forward and patted her shoulder. I remember that Royal Grandmother has only cried twice: once when Royal Grandfather died, and today is the second time.


“Royal Grandmother, I will come and visit you when I have the time.” Su Xi-er grasped the Grand Empress Dowager’s hand, her heart filled with warmth.


When I was Ning Rulan, I never got to see my grandmother, and I’m really glad to have Royal Grandmother’s love.


“It’s a promise then; you’re not allowed to lie to this Dowager. Since I am already past 70, you must come back soon. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be alive.”


The eyelids of the officials twitched upon hearing her words. The Grand Empress Dowager is still so healthy and full of vigour. Living to a ripe old 80 or 90 years of age wouldn’t be a problem.


“Royal Grandmother, you still have many good years awaiting you.” Su Xi-er winked at the Grand Empress Dowager playfully.


“Look at you, this Dowager is already so old, and yet you’re still saying I have many good years awaiting me. Quickly give birth to a child so that this Dowager can carry my grandchild.” The Grand Empress Dowager then pulled Su Xi-er to the side so that no one could hear them.


“After sleeping on the warm jade bed and drinking medicinal soup while you’ve been here, your body has become much warmer. You have to pay extra attention when you get to Beimin. To that end, this Dowager wants to give you something.” She took out a small bottle she treasured, and solemnly passed it to Su Xi-er. “This pill helps with warming the body, and is made of precious medicinal ingredients that can only be found in the Western Region. Remember to take one pill each day for 30 days. ”


Su Xi-er took the bottle. “Thank you, Royal Grandmother.”


“If you get pregnant, don’t forget to immediately send a letter to this Dowager. Even if you don’t get pregnant after finishing this medicine, let me know; I’ll help you think of a way.”


Su Xi-er reached out her hand to hug the Grand Empress Dowager. “Royal Grandmother, you’re so nice.”


Lianchen and I share a familial bond, but now I can say that I have a family member from the older generation as well.


“You are this Dowager’s granddaughter, and you have also suffered so much. I naturally have to treat you well.” The Grand Empress Dowager patted her back and reminded her to keep the military tally safe.


“I have already done that.” Su Xi-er gave an obedient smile to the Grand Empress Dowager.


It was now time to leave, and the procession was also done with preparations.


The Grand Empress Dowager gazed at Su Xi-er as she left, involuntarily wiping her tears away. Only when the horse carriage faded from her sight did she remark, “The wind is really strong; my tears can’t stop falling.”

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