Su Xi-er nodded. “Yes, Royal Grandmother.”


Sitting on the bed, there was an imperceptible change in the Queen’s expression. 


I never would have expected the Grand Empress Dowager to tell me such things. Du Ling told me that I would be the one to raise his first child, and now the Grand Empress Dowager has also said the same. However, Consort Xian is already pregnant; it can’t be that the King doesn’t want the child, can it? No matter what has happened, the child is still part of the royal bloodline.


The Queen’s lips parted, but no sound came out. Noticing that she had something to say, Su Xi-er went out of the inner chamber and brought back some charcoal and paper. “Sister-in-law, you can write what you want to say.” She passed the two items to the Queen.


However, the Queen waved her hand with a smile, expressing that she didn’t need them.


“Child, you clearly have something to say, so just write it down. This Dowager doesn’t like to beat about the bush.” The Grand Empress Dowager spoke in a firm tone, furrowing her brow as she stared at the Queen.


Feeling nervous under the Grand Empress Dowager’s gaze, the Queen took the charcoal and pondered for a moment before writing the words ‘Consort Xian’ and ‘child’.


The Grand Empress Dowager snorted. “There’s no way you found out on your own since you always stay in the inner chamber. Which gossipy person told you?”


The Queen immediately shook her head, fearing that her personal maidservants would be punished. She quickly added a few more words, “Accidentally heard it- unsure of veracity.”


Su Xi-er could detect the apprehension in the Queen’s eyes, and decided to speak up. “Royal Grandmother, the matter of Consort Xian’s pregnancy has long since spread throughout the imperial palace. It’s not surprising that Elder Sister-in-Law caught wind of it. Nevertheless, this may affect your position in the royal court. I reckon that the Lady General[1] will enter the palace tonight to accompany you.”


Hearing about her maiden family, a smile formed at the corners of the Queen’s mouth. I haven’t seen Mum in the longest time.


All children would miss their mothers, especially someone like the Queen, who was her family’s only daughter.


“According to the rules, you should attend tonight’s palace banquet, but since you are unwell, you should stay here and rest. Don’t think too much about other matters. Don’t worry, this Dowager has my ways, and I won’t let you suffer.” The Grand Empress Dowager looked towards Su Xi-er. “Come, let’s return to this Dowager’s palace.”


Su Xi-er softly acknowledged her before smiling at the Queen. She then took the charcoal and paper from the Queen’s hands and placed them on the table beside her. When all was done, she followed the Grand Empress Dowager out.


When the two reached the outer chamber, the Grand Empress Dowager coldly stared at the maidservant. “This Dowager hates people who gossip the most.”


Despite not understanding, the maidservant could tell that the Grand Empress Dowager was in a foul mood, so she quickly knelt down. “This servant will bear that in mind.”


“Bear that in mind? Then how did the Queen learn of Consort Xian’s pregnancy?”


The maidservant trembled as she prostrated on the floor. “Grand Empress Dowager, please forgive this servant; I accidentally let it slip.”


The Grand Empress Dowager’s countenance grew dark, and she was raising her hand to signal the guards to take the maidservant away when Su Xi-er stopped her.“Grand Empress Dowager, this maidservant didn’t do it on purpose. Besides, Sister-in-law has yet to recover, so it’s better if we don’t touch her servants for now. There will be time to punish them once she’s feeling better.”


It was clear to the maidservant that Su Xi-er was speaking up for her, and her knees immediately fell to the floor with an audible thunk as she kowtowed. “This servant knows my mistakes; I won’t dare to do it again.”


After contemplating for a while, the Grand Empress Dowager flung her sleeves and left without a word.


Heaving a sigh of relief, the maidservant then kowtowed to Su Xi-er. “Imperial Princess, this servant thanks you for your help.”

1. Wife of the general.

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