“Beimin is the most powerful nation in the Central Plains; such a marriage alliance can only be beneficial for the Western Region. As for the issue of military power, the Imperial Princess herself is a Western Regioner; she wouldn’t use it against her own people, would she?”


“Prince Hao doesn’t need her help when it comes to military affairs. You’re overthinking it.”


Everyone was fervently discussing, and the foreign merchants were excited to bring the news back to their homeland. Those in the Central Plains would soon hear the news, and before long, so would the rest of the world!




The Grand Empress Dowager led Su Xi-er through a path that led to the Queen’s repose palace.


“Rulan, I picked the Queen because I found her personality to be gentle and sincere. She is understanding and doesn’t plot in the dark, and only someone like that can manage the imperial harem. In any case, it’s impossible for the King to take only a single consort. Even your faithful Imperial Grandfather had three consorts once upon a time.” A smile appeared on the Grand Empress Dowager’s face as she reminisced about the past. Just based on this, Su Xi-er could tell that her grandparents had been deeply in love.


“He had no choice but to take two other consorts since he was King, but I was the only one he loved. He simply made use of the rest.” There was a hint of satisfaction in her voice as the Grand Empress Dowager spoke.


She tugged at Su Xi-er’s sleeve before they entered the Queen’s repose palace. “Having been loved by your Imperial Grandfather like that, I would consider myself to have had a good life, but you’re much luckier than me. I can tell that you have Prince Hao wrapped around your finger. It’s obvious you’re the only one in his eyes. I believe the two of you will stay faithful to each other for the rest of your lives.”


“However, you’ll also have to be careful because of that. Men are unable to resist temptations at times, even if they really love you. You’ll have to keep an eye on Prince Hao when you get pregnant. There are tons of vile women around.”


Su Xi-er nodded. “I understand; I’ll keep a close eye on him.”


“Good. He’s not the emperor, so as long as you can give birth to a couple of babies, he won’t dare get a concubine.” The Grand Empress Dowager patted Su Xi-er’s hand as she spoke.


Hearing her words, Su Xi-er couldn’t help but wonder, What if I can’t give birth?


“Let’s go and visit the Queen. This Dowager hasn’t seen her in a while now.”


The palace maids bowed to them as they walked in. “This servant pays respects to the Grand Empress Dowager and the Imperial Princess.”


The Grand Empress Dowager nodded and beckoned Su Xi-er to follow.


Upon hearing footsteps, the Queen looked up and started to get out of bed as soon as she saw who had come.


Su Xi-er rushed up to stop her. “Sister-in-law, there’s no need for you to bow. You’re unwell.”


“She’s right; let me have a look at you.” The Grand Empress Dowager then walked up to the Queen, a look of pain flashing across her eyes. “Poor child. You’ve lost so much weight. Are the imperial physicians even doing their job?!”


The Queen tried to speak, but was forced to wave her hands to signal that it wasn’t anybody’s fault.


Watching her like this pained the Grand Empress Dowager. “You can’t even speak; poor child.” She held the Queen’s hand in hers to console her.


Su Xi-er backed away a little, giving the two of them more space. The Grand Empress Dowager treats her people really well.


“It’s one thing to be tolerant, but we can’t allow ourselves to be pushovers either. As the one who will oversee the imperial harem in the future, it’s imperative that you rule it with an iron fist when dealing with those vile women.” She turned to Su Xi-er and continued. “You too; don’t be too merciful to vile women who plot against you.”

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