The eagle was an important symbol in the Western Region, and Du Ling gave the buyao to Pei Qianhao. “As the Prince Consort, you may help the Imperial Princess put this on. From now on, you’re the closest person to her in Beimin.”


Pei Qianhao took the buyao in his hands and nodded, but the Grand Empress Dowager spoke before he could help Su Xi-er put it on.


Appearing from behind the beaded curtains, she said, “Based on tradition, Prince Hao needs to marry Rulan in the Western Region, but I’ve heard that the customs in Beimin only allows for marriage with the main consort once. That being the case, I’m not going to force this upon you. However, putting on the golden buyao will signify that the Western Region and Beimin will work together on all matters, including politics, business, and agriculture from now on.”


As expected of the Iron-willed Queen. Though she loved her granddaughter, she would never forget about the greater interests of the Western Region.


The officials looked towards Pei Qianhao with anticipation.


Pei Qianhao smiled. “Of course, this agreement is mutually beneficial. I hope the King can let us know when he plans to visit so that we can officially inform the Emperor.”


By saying this, Pei Qianhao made it clear that although he held great power in Beimin, he was not the Emperor. They would still need to formally inform the Emperor before any long-term agreement to cooperate with the Western Region could be officially approved.


Du Ling nodded in understanding. “Prince Hao is undoubtedly loyal to the Situ Imperial Family. Our officials have much to learn from you. Our Western Region cannot depend on me alone; our officials must all stand together.”


Su Xi-er silently applauded Du Ling. He is certainly good with words; he took the opportunity to hint to everyone present that he would appreciate loyalty while praising A-Jing at the same time.


The officials bowed in respect. “Your humble subjects will be loyal to the Du Royal Family for life.”


The Grand Empress Dowager smiled and nodded in satisfaction.


“We’re done with the official announcement. Please attend the banquet tonight and drink your fill!” Du Ling then said with a flourish.


Pei Qianhao smiled at Su Xi-er as he helped her put on the golden buyao. The officials couldn’t help but inwardly exclaim, This is what a real princess should look like!


A eunuch then announced, “The announcement has officially ended. All officials should be present at the banquet tonight! Adjourn!”


As the officials began streaming out of the palace, Du Ling stopped the Great General who had spoken earlier. “Great General, please stay.”


The Great General turned around in acknowledgement while the Grand Empress Dowager looked on in confusion.


“Great General, the Queen and the Imperial Princess are on very good terms, since the Queen protected the Imperial Princess during the coup. However, she hasn’t been feeling very well after being injured as a result. I’d like to ask if the Great General’s wife can enter the palace to visit the Queen.”

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