The Grand Empress Dowager raised a brow as the voices of the officials echoed through the Golden Throne Hall. They’ve already acknowledged Rulan as the Imperial Princess.


Du Ling gave the rite officer to his side a look as he stood up, prompting them to disappear for a moment before returning with a tray covered by a red cloth.


The Grand Empress Dowager led Su Xi-er to the middle of the hall before making her way to her usual seat behind the beaded curtains.


The rite officer walked up to Su Xi-er and lowered his head in deference as he held the tray up high.


A solemn voice said, “This King’s younger sister has finally returned to us. Her name, Rulan, will be added to our genealogy. The Imperial Princess now has the right to control a quarter of the military!”


The military tally was placed on the tray underneath the red cloth, and the rite officer held it up high as the announcement was being made. The Imperial Princess would traditionally hold power over the three main military barracks located in the suburbs.


Everyone present watched Su Xi-er as she unveiled the tray to reveal the black military tally. It was carved in the shape of an eagle, and was about the size of a fist.


Su Xi-er raised it up with both hands as she bowed. “Many thanks, King.”


Du Ling nodded, and with a wave of his hand, all the officials present knelt in deference in Su Xi-er. “This humble subject pays respects to the Imperial Princess. May the Imperial Princess be blessed with longevity.”


Su Xi-er waved a hand and acknowledged them. “Please rise.”


“Thank you, Your Highness.”


Su Xi-er spotted a one-armed man standing at the left-most column of people who looked extremely serious.


“There’ll be a banquet tonight to welcome our Imperial Princess and the Prince Consort, Beimin’s Prince Hao!”


The officials turned to look at Pei Qianhao. Most of them had noticed him when he walked in, and upon taking a closer look, were only more impressed by his disposition. The other three nations in the Central Plains have always been eyeing Beimin’s Prince Hao in the hopes of a marriage alliance, but who knew that the Imperial Princess would have already succeeded?!


The officials were more than satisfied with such a turn of events. The Western Region would have much to gain with Beimin’s Prince Hao as their Prince Consort!


The Great General then spoke. “This humble subject has heard stories of Prince Hao’s bravery and courage on the battlefield. Though I am much older, I might not be as skilled as you are; I hope there will be a chance to exchange military tactics in the future.”


“Great General, we all have our methods, and this King is sure we can learn from each other. I’m still lacking in many aspects, and I hope that you can share some tips with me as well.” Pei Qianhao responded humbly.


His attitude pleased several officials who had heard rumours that Pei Qianhao was an extremely arrogant individual. What they did not know was that Pei Qianhao was someone who tweaked his behaviour based on the situation. Since the Western Region could be considered Su Xi-er’s home now, he naturally took a more modest approach.

The Great General smiled politely and bowed to Su Xi-er once more to show his respect. Upon his retreat, the rite officer returned to Du Ling’s side with another tray covered in red cloth. Pulling the cloth off, Du Ling revealed a golden buyao that had an eagle shape intricately carved into it.

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