The bottle given by Situ Li was actually emptier due to Su Xi-er having used it to apply to Ruo Yuan’s injuries. That, and the fact that he had simply given it to her earlier.


“Prince Hao, please quell your anger. This servant applied some for Ruo Yuan. She was thrashed by the cudgel and her body was covered in bruises.”


Yet, the clarification that she thought would have mollified him only served to cause his expression to darken.


“After you finished applying with the Third Imperial Prince’s bottle, were you planning to help the fat palace maid apply the one this prince gave you?”


Su Xi-er felt that Pei Qianhao was petty. Since he has given it to me, why should he care about how I use it?


“This prince orders you, only you are allowed to use the things this prince bestows to you. If you let this prince find out otherwise, be prepared for the consequences.” He then shifted his gaze and continued looking into the cupboard.


Looking at the last shelf, Pei Qianhao bent down and took out the Chinese bodice pressed right at the bottom.


“You are still so disdainful of the things this prince bestowed you.”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “How would this servant dare to be disdainful? It’s simply because this servant has no chance to use it as a palace maid. Only a woman with status is fit to wear a red Chinese bodice. A palace maid can’t.”


Pei Qianhao walked closer to her as he held the red Chinese bodice, his voice deep and low. “What you mean is want to be a woman in a high position?”


“This servant didn’t say that.”


Her reply elicited a chuckle from him. “Say whatever you think. What are you scared of? Being in an eminent position, it’s actually very simple…” At this point, his gaze hinted at a deeper meaning.


Su Xi-er immediately became alert. Would his following words be very shameless?


Looking at how on guard she was, he relaxed his expression and slowly said, “You won’t do it even if I say it out. You don’t need to be nervous. However, wear it for this prince right now.”


He then passed the red Chinese bodice to her. 


Su Xi-er didn’t want to take it, so Pei Qianhao flung it at her.


He looked at her in a calm and composed manner. “Wear it.”


Su Xi-er felt helpless. If I don’t wear it, he will hang around here and not leave. It would be better if I take a step back and concede.


“Prince Hao, please turn around.”


Pei Qianhao didn’t reply and turned in the other direction. Su Xi-er walked to the corner and also turned around to dress herself.


After she was done putting on the Chinese bodice and her upper outer garment, she straightened out her clothes slightly and turned around.


The moment she turned around, she eyes widened. He...When did he turn back?!


Wouldn’t that mean that he had seen everything just now? He’s too shameless! He doesn’t feel guilty or embarrassed at all!


Su Xi-er had never been treated like this before. Her innate arrogant and chilly aura engulfed her whole body as she looked at him coldly. “Prince Hao, do you know how to write the word ‘shameless’?” 


“I don’t know. Why don’t you write it for this prince to see?” He could discern the chilly aura and the deeply ingrained arrogance practically radiating from her pupils. Why does she have such an aura when she’s in a low position?


There must be some sort of story behind her. However, I have already had her background looked into. When she was very young, her mother had died and her father sold her. Afterwards, she entered the imperial palace and became a palace maid in the Palace Side Quarters from a freak combination of factors.


“Prince Hao, this servant hopes you won’t make things difficult for me.” Su Xi-er retracted her cold aura and enunciated.


Pei Qianhao was about to reply when a voice could be heard from outside the door. It was He Ying.


“Su Xi-er, get out here. You are too daring to have killed the Empress Dowager’s Flower! Servants, come and drag her out from the room.”


So it turns out that Flower still died.


Pei Qianhao looked at her. “What’s going on?”


“It’s a long story. Prince Hao, hide for a while. It wouldn’t be good if others see you in this servant’s room.”

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