Su Xi-er bolted upright as soon as she heard him, acutely aware of his presence. He simply entered my room and asked me whether I have worn the red Chinese bodice. Don’t tell me that he wants to strip off my clothes again to check?


“So on guard. Since this prince has pulled it off once today, I won’t pull it off a second time.”

Su Xi-er really wanted to retort, “Who knows whether you will strip it off?”


“Tell me truthfully. Have you worn it?” Pei Qianhao slowly closed in on her until finally, he stood at her bedside while looking down at her.


“Prince Hao, this servant doesn’t understand why you continue to come to my room over and over.”


Pei Qianhao’s pitched rose he replied, “Over and over again? Then let this prince ask you, how many times altogether have I come here?”


Su Xi-er didn’t answer anymore. She wouldn’t have counted the number of times he came. She only felt that he had come too many times.


“You can’t give an answer? Then why did you say ‘over and over again’? Besides, nobody can control where this prince goes.” His voice was domineering and arrogant.


That’s right, I can’t control where he goes.


“Since you are unwilling to say, this prince naturally has a way.” Pei Qianhao bent down until their eyes were level.


Su Xi-er subconsciously retreated backwards when the handsome face in front of her was suddenly enlarged. Just as she had done so, a large hand reached for her waist. She could feel the warmth from Pei Qianhao’s palm through her clothes.


As his lips were about to press onto hers, he suddenly stopped, the corners of his lips upturned and his eyes slightly narrowed. There was no sense of oppression, but his devilish and unrestrained manner made people unable to understand his intent.


“Tell this prince honestly whether you have worn it, and this prince will let you off.”


Su Xi-er looked at him. The problem is that I haven’t worn it at all. Moreover, how is it his business as to whether I have worn it?


“Prince Hao, why did you instruct this servant to mend the Chinese bodice? Furthermore,why did you bestow the Chinese bodice to this servant?”


Pei Qianhao smiled. “Where did so many ‘whys’ come from? Can’t this prince suddenly be carried away by a whim?”


“May this servant be so bold as to ask, did you also take in the 72 beauties of the Beauty Palace because you were suddenly carried away by a whim?”


Pei Qianhao gazed at her. No one has asked this question of hers before. Rather, no one has dared to do so. And yet, she is now the first person who has the guts to ask.


“Are you mentioning Beauty Palace because you regret it? You want to enter?” Before she could reply, Pei Qianhao continued. 


“That does make sense; after all, compared to scrubbing chamber pots in the Palace Side Quarters and washing clothes in the Laundry Service Bureau, days in the Beauty Palace are an enjoyment. However, it’s too late for you to regret now. This prince won’t take you into the Beauty Palace.”


Su Xi-er was delighted in her heart, but showed nothing on her face. She looked at him and sounded him out, “Really?”


“People can’t distinguish if this prince’s words are genuine or fake, but this time, let this prince tell you explicitly: they're true.”


In an instant, Su Xi-er was greatly relieved as the enormous stone in her heart landed.


Suddenly, Pei Qianhao let go of her, turned around, and walked towards the wardrobe.


Opening it up, his eyes darted back and forth before finally landing on two white porcelain bottles.


Pei Qianhao took them individually, opened the covers and sniffed them. He could identify which bottle was his and which bottle Situ Li’s in one try.


His eyebrows furrowed when he found a huge discrepancy in the amount of medicinal powder left in either bottle. The bottle Situ Li gave has less medicinal powder remaining, which indicates that it was used more.


He felt displeased in his heart. She is disdainful of the things I give?


Pei Qianhao put the white porcelain bottle given by Situ Li into his sleeves without saying a word.


Su Xi-er got up from the bed and stood at one side. From her angle, she couldn’t see which bottle he had taken.


Pei Qianhao glanced at her. “You used little of the bottle this prince gave you, but so much of the bottle the Third Imperial Prince gave you. Are you really that disdainful of the things this prince gave you?”

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