The Grand Empress Dowager was still in the dark about Tan Ge drugging her. The powder that had been used would put someone to sleep for a period of time, but Shi Mo had said that it would make someone listen to your orders. In a sense, he hadn’t been lying; once someone was so deeply asleep, they could do nothing to defy your orders.


Su Xi-er accompanied the Grand Empress Dowager to the Royal Garden, where the scenery was much different from that in Beimin. They toured the place for quite a while, with Pei Qianhao silently following from behind, his eyes calmly observing his surroundings.


All of a sudden, a guard hastily walked over and bowed. “Grand Empress Dowager, Imperial Princess, Prince Hao, at 6 pm today, the officials attended a court assembly and approved the Imperial Princess’ status, allowing for her name to be recorded in the genealogy. With a quarter of the Western Region’s military forces as her dowry, her fame will spread throughout the four seas.”


Elated, the Grand Empress Dowager grasped Su Xi-er’s hand. “That’s amazing! We will prepare right away so that you can appear beautifully in front of the officials!” She then pulled Su Xi-er’s hand as she walked out of the Royal Garden.


A sliver of a smile tugged at the corner of Pei Qianhao’s mouth as he quickly followed, but was blocked in front of the Grand Empress Dowager’s repose palace.


“Prince Hao, the Grand Empress Dowager has instructed that you will be the prince consort today, and that the Imperial Princess will be the main focus. Please go to a side hall and prepare to present yourself.” The palace maid explained.


Two eunuchs appeared and gestured at Pei Qianhao. “Prince Hao, please follow this servant.”


Aware that this was part of the Western Region’s customs, he followed the eunuchs.


Two hours later, Su Xi-er walked out of the hall and stood in the courtyard, dazzling all the servants and guards. Our imperial princess really...descended from the heavens!


Her crimson robe covered with golden silk was the wedding dress the Grand Empress Dowager wore when she married into the royal court. She wore a peacock plume on her head while a jade pearl hung above her brow. With her looks further accented by bright earrings and a colourful sash, she was a sight to behold!


Having long been finished with his own preparations, Pei Qianhao was waiting for Su Xi-er outside. His expression immediately changed when he saw her approaching, involuntarily being reminded of their wedding day.


The Grand Empress Dowager walked out of the hall and carefully inspected Su Xi-er, repeatedly nodding in approval. “Nothing less from the Western Region Imperial Princess. It’s almost time, let’s go.”


The guards followed behind the two women and Pei Qianhao, the latter clad in black robes while exuding a noble aura.


Wherever the three passed, they would leave a trail of dazzling scenery.


In the Golden Throne Hall, all the officials were nervous and solemn as they quietly waited for the imminent arrival of the real Western Region Imperial Princess. This time, the King had guaranteed that there were no mistakes.


As the rite officer announced their arrival, everyone’s eyes shifted to a red figure. Only when the person walked closer did they finally take in their princess’ countenance.


The air congealed in an instant, and everyone almost forgot to breathe. They finally understood why the King didn’t conduct a blood test. Despite having been away from the royal court for many years, our imperial princess innately emanates an imposing aura. Furthermore, she’s not only the Western Region Imperial Princess, but also Princess Consort Hao of Beimin.


With how much nobler the position of Princess Consort Hao is, does she have any motivation to impersonate the imperial princess?


Entering the palace hall, Su Xi-er nodded to the officials with a courteous yet imposing smile on her face. Faced with the sincere admiration in their hearts, the officials couldn’t help but be reminded of the lack of something similar from the fake imperial princess.


Soon, the Great General of the Western Region took the lead in bowing. “This humble subject pays his respects to the Grand Empress Dowager, Imperial Princess, and Prince Hao!”

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