Xian Liang was Consort Xian’s second paternal uncle. With her father already dead, she wouldn’t be able to bear watching her uncle die as well. The Imperial Princess is saying that if I die, Second Uncle will also be executed.


“Good move, Your Highness. Did you convince my Second Uncle to surrender by mentioning my name?”


Su Xi-er walked up to her slowly and said, “Bingo.”


Nothing could happen to Consort Xian and Xian Liang before the soldiers in the left faction were redeployed to separate camps. They could decide what happened with Xian Liang and Consort Xian afterwards. Whether it was a quiet assassination or letting them go was another story altogether.


“A very good move. Very meticulous. As expected of someone with the blood of the Du Royal Family flowing in their veins.” Consort Xian’s words were laced with sarcasm.


“I’m not here to convince you to do anything. I’m just here to tell you that there will be many others who will join you if you choose death.”


Su Xi-er turned to one of the guards in the palace and said, “Don’t stop Consort Xian if she tries to kill herself again. If she has decided to live after thinking it over, get an imperial physician to examine her.”


She then left after casting one last glance at Consort Xian.


Consort Xian gave a hollow laugh as she watched Su Xi-er leave. Dad didn’t agree to it, but I was the one who insisted on entering the palace and becoming the King’s consort because I took a liking to him.


Her father had used his influence to force the King to take her as a consort, and her position in the harem was second only to the Queen. After entering the palace, she started using her power to bully the other consorts, and the King spent many nights with her since the Xian Residence had been on the rise. Meanwhile, the Queen had been completely ignored.


Consort Xian tried to endure it despite finding the King to be rather unfeeling, but it all came to naught.


My father was right to rebel! He was forced to do so! It’s all the Du Royal Family’s fault! This pregnancy is nothing but a cruel joke.


What bad timing. She touched her stomach, a bitter smile hanging on the corner of her lips.


After a long while, she finally turned to the guards. “Tell the Imperial Princess that I won’t choose death. I only hope that she can spare Second Uncle.”


The guards exchanged a look when they heard this, and one of them quickly left to report toi Su Xi-er.




Meanwhile, the person in question had arrived at the Warming Jade Palace which had one guard and one maidservant stationed there.


After quickly dismissing their attempts to bow, she turned to the slim and tall maidservant who said, “This servant has lit some mugwort inside. It will help warm you up.”


Su Xi-er smiled and said, “Thank you. You seem to know a thing or two about medicine.”


“This servant’s family ran a clinic, so I know some things.”


Su Xi-er was reminded of Lian Qiao, who had a similar background, but breathed her last in Beimin’s imperial palace.


“Your Highness, please enter and rest on the warming jade bed. This servant will come and wake you up after four hours.”


Su Xi-er answered in acknowledgement and entered the compound.


The scent of mugwort wafted into her nose, calming her down as she saw the huge warming jade bed in the middle of the room. It was white with fine streaks of red at the side.


A comfortable warmth spread across her back as she lay on it, and she closed her eyes before drifting into a relaxing sleep.

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