Given Pei Qianhao’s reputation, Xian Liang had no trouble recognising the name despite never having been to Beimin.


“So it’s actually… Beimin’s Prince Hao.” He married the Imperial Princess. The previous one was an impostor!


It took a while for Xian Liang to recover from such a shocking piece of news.


“Since Beimin’s Prince Hao is here, you should also give me your word that the soldiers will be spared, and that Consort Xian and her child will be safe.”


He wanted both the Western Region King and Beimin’s Prince Hao to give their promise!


“You have my word,” answered Pei Qianhao.


Satisfied, Xian Liang walked out of the interrogation room.


The men in the cells cried out as they saw him. “Your Excellency!”


Xian Liang looked at them and announced, “After my discussion with the King, it’s true that… Lord Xian Yue was in the wrong. I’ve decided to surrender to the court.”


“Why did you say that, Lord?!” The soldiers could not believe what they just heard.


They then spotted a lady walking towards them with a smile as she said, “Lord Xian Yue was seduced by the impostor princess who instigated him to stage a coup; his death was an unfortunate accident. Since Lord Xian Liang has already surrendered, I hope that you all can also make a smart choice.”


The soldiers looked at each other in confusion before turning to Xian Liang for guidance.


“It’s true that my brother was seduced by the impostor princess. The King has already agreed to spare everyone’s lives and to allow all of you to return to your camps. I, Xian Liang, will be leaving the capital. Consort Xian is pregnant, and she’ll give birth to the King’s first child in a few months.”


All the men looked at Du Ling upon hearing this. They then knelt and said, “We are willing to surrender and obey.”


With these five hundred elite soldiers setting down their swords, the rest of the soldiers would no longer have leaders even if they wanted to rebel.


Su Xi-er turned to Du Ling and said, “Elder Brother, I’ll leave this to you and A-Jing. I’d like to visit Consort Xian.”


We won’t know what might happen in future, but at this juncture, Consort Xian cannot die.


Du Ling nodded and left to settle the matters in prison, while Pei Qianhao held her hand and said, “I’ll walk you there.”


“Xi-er, you shouldn’t have mentioned Consort Xian’s pregnancy.”


“Xian Liang agreed to surrender and leave the capital only because he hopes that the Xian family can rebuild itself in future.”


Pei Qianhao placed his hands on her shoulders and said, “Consort Xian’s child will not survive, no matter what.”


“I know. The Queen should bear the King’s first child, and the Grand Empress Dowager doesn’t like Consort Xian either. However, we had to placate Xian Liang for him to surrender; we can secretly deal with him when he’s leaving the capital.”


Pei Qianhao took her in an embrace. “Xi-er, you don’t have to think about these things. You just need to stay at home, take care of our children, and spend time with me.”


Su Xi-er would have been annoyed at this in the past, but now, she returned the hug and said, “A-Jing, I’ll go to the Warm Jade Palace after visiting Consort Xian. The warming jade bed seems to have improved my condition.”


Pei Qianhao smiled. “You may be able to recover with this warming jade bed. We’ll get the imperial physician to take a look at you after we’re back in Beimin. Who knows, our little prince might already be on the way.”

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