Xian Liang looked up at Du Ling and asked, “You’ve stopped killing the men? How many men have you already killed?”


Although Du Ling had already given the order to execute all of Xian Yue’s men, the killings had been paused at Su Xi-er’s insistence. That being said, Du Ling had no idea how many had already perished.


Xian Liang smacked his palm against the desk. “Liar. All of you are liars. You must have already executed thousands of them! As I thought, the Du Royal Family isn’t worth my trust, and all of you deserve to die!” He stood up and struck his fist against the desk again in anger.


Su Xi-er stood up quickly. “They’re only being detained, but their lives depend on your decision. There will be no deaths if you surrender, but tens of thousands of deaths will otherwise ensue. Consider your options carefully.”


Furious, Xian Liang turned to her and scoffed, “All of my men are aware that nothing but death awaits them if we fail. If the Du Royal Family decides to execute all of them, the commoners are bound to rise up. There’ll also be chaos in court then.”


“We have ways to control the chaos in court, but the families of these men will be left behind because of your decision. With your own family dead, you should understand what that means more than anyone.”


Xian Liang seemed to waver upon hearing this.


Su Xi-er continued, “We’ll spare the men and allow them to return to court if you surrender. Not only that, we’ll also spare the life of you and the only family you have left, Consort Xian.”


Hearing Consort Xian being mentioned, Xian Liang asked, “How is she?”


Du Ling answered, “She’s well taken care of in her repose palace, but that might change if you don’t surrender.”


“You!” Xian Liang’s hands curled up into fists. How dare he threaten me!


Su Xi-er exchanged a look with Du Ling before she said, “Consort Xian is pregnant with the King’s first child. If you surrender, Consort Xian’s position in future will be secured.”


Xian Liang’s expression changed. She’s pregnant with a royal heir. Though the Xian family has fallen, the heir will still have the blood of the Xian Family flowing through his veins! This means that there’s a chance for the Xian Family to rebuild itself!


Seeing Xian Liang waver, Su Xi-er asked, “Think about it; that’s all I have to say. I find it pitiable that all these men have to die, so I’ll give you until the count of three to make a decision.”


She then started counting, “One, two...”


Xian Liang raised a hand before she could finish. “Fine, I surrender. However, the King must guarantee the safety and fortune of Consort Xian and her child after this.”


“You have my word,” said Du Ling.


Pei Qianhao added on, “Not only do you have to surrender, you have to leave the capital.”


Xian Liang watched him. This man hasn’t said much after arriving, but his aura is suffocating.


Who is he?


Su Xi-er smiled. “You don’t even know who I am yet. I am Du Rulan, Imperial Princess of the Western Region. This is my husband, Prince Hao from Beimin.”

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