Du Ling raised a hand to caress her cheek and realised that he had never really taken a good look at his wife before. This was the first time he had seen her features up close.


However, the Queen stopped him, staring at him in disbelief and bewilderment.


“This King never thought that my Queen would be this silly. The Du Royal Family needs an heir. As the Queen, aren’t you supposed to be responsible for this?”


The Queen opened her mouth in an attempt to speak, but she could only shake her head.


“You’re unwilling? However, it’s not up to you. I’ll come over when you’re feeling better, so you should be prepared.” Du Ling held onto her hand as he spoke.


The Queen wanted to pull her hand away from his firm grasp, but she failed to do so.


At this moment, a guard’s voice was heard outside. He sounded anxious as he gave his report. “King, the soldiers in prison are trying to break free!”


Du Ling’s expression darkened, and he walked out of the repose palace immediately.


The Queen watched him leave, biting her lips in confusion. What happened to him, and why has his attitude changed so suddenly? Did somebody say something? Or perhaps he feels guilty because I blocked the poisonous needle for the Imperial Princess. He even hinted to me that he wants to...


“Queen, your medicine is here. This servant will help you with it.” Her personal maidservant entered with a bowl of medicine and started feeding the Queen.


Realising that the maidservant looked distracted, the Queen looked at her and signalled for the former to speak her mind.


The maidservant blurted out. “This servant feels indignant for you. Lord Xian is already dead and the Xian Residence is no more. Consort Xian would normally be banished to the cold palace, but she’s actually pregnant with the King’s first child!”


The Queen was rather surprised to hear this. The King just told me that he wants me to bear his first child, but Consort Xian is already pregnant. No matter what the Xian Residence did, the child is innocent. Does he mean to kill Consort Xian after she gives birth, and for me to take care of Consort Xian’s child?


Her expression darkened. There’s no way I’d take care of Consort Xian’s child!


“Queen, don’t be too upset. This servant has thought about it. Consort Xian won’t be able to give birth to the child.” She then whispered something into the Queen’s ear.


After hearing what she said, the Queen covered her mouth and shook her head profusely.


“This servant won’t say things like that anymore. Please forgive me.”


The Queen nodded and dismissed her.




At this point, Du Ling had already arrived at the prison. He could already hear the chaos from outside before he entered.


There were five hundred soldiers being held here, while the rest were imprisoned elsewhere.


The soldiers seemed like they were trying to break free of their cells, and the hatred was apparent in their eyes as Du Ling passed them.


He saw Su Xi-er and Pei Qianhao sitting across from Xian Liang in the interrogation room. The latter wasn’t being restrained by any chains, and was simply sitting there as if he was deep in thought.


Hearing footsteps, Xian Liang looked up to see Du Ling. Anger rose in him as he turned to Su Xi-er. “You lied. How can the King not be involved in this?”


Su Xi-er turned to Du Ling and signalled for him to remain silent before turning back to Xian Liang and said, “Don’t be impulsive and carefully consider what I’ve said. Won’t you be letting down the men who trust and respect you otherwise?”

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