Before Consort Xian could ram her own head into the wall, Su Xi-er whipped out her hairpin and flicked it at Consort Xian’s knee to trip her up. She then rushed over and pulled the woman to her feet. “You’re with child, and this is no longer your decision to live or die. The King will be the one to pass judgement.”


Su Xi-er looked at Du Ling and said, “Elder Brother, get someone to escort Consort Xian back and ensure that she’s taken care of.”


The Grand Empress Dowager spoke before Du Ling could answer. “You don’t have to take pity on her; the royal court has no need for vile women like that.”


“Imperial Grandmother, I’ll tell you more after Consort Xian leaves.” The Grand Empress Dowager understood immediately that Su Xi-er had something to tell her in private, and didn’t speak further.


No one else but her own granddaughter would have the ability to convince the ‘Iron-willed Queen’ like this.


Du Ling waved a hand at his guards. “Take Consort Xian back to her palace.”


Consort Xian stared at Su Xi-er angrily. The Imperial Princess must have something up her sleeve. She knows that despite my father being dead, his men are still loyal to him. Those men have families as well, and if they conduct a large-scale execution, it would cause unrest among the populace.


Consort Xian knew that Su Xi-er had spared her because she wanted to use her to calm the commoners. Good move, but I won’t let you succeed!


Su Xi-er laughed as she watched Consort Xian. “It’s a blessing that you’re pregnant; you should give birth to the child, otherwise, the ghost of the child won’t let you off.”


Pei Qianhao frowned. It’s difficult for her to get pregnant, but why did she say that? Is she hinting at something? He walked up to her and embraced her. “Don’t get angry because of somebody else.”


Su Xi-er smiled. “When was I angry?”


Right after Consort Xian was escorted out, the Grand Empress Dowager asked Su Xi-er, “Rulan, what did you mean earlier?”


Su Xi-er let go of Pei Qianhao and looked at Du Ling and his grandmother. “Royal Grandmother, Consort Xian is the only member of the Xian family left. There’s no need to kill the rest of the soldiers.”


“No.” Du Ling spoke up. “The laws of the Western Region mean death for those who rebel against the King. There’s no room for me to act like a soft-hearted woman.”


The Grand Empress Dowager did not like what she just heard. “Soft-hearted woman? Are you looking down on women? This Dowager doesn’t like what you just said.”


Du Ling explained hastily, “I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just that we shouldn’t be too benevolent to the rebel soldiers, lest there may be repercussions in the future.”


“Elder Brother, there are tens of thousands of lives on the line, and their families behind them. Instead of alienating their families and the commoners, wouldn’t it be better to bring them to our side? Don’t you agree, A-Jing?” Su Xi-er tugged at Pei Qianhao, signalling for him to back her up.


Pei Qianhao understood what she meant, but he actually agreed with Du Ling. Rebel soldiers were also executed in all four nations in the Central Plains.


“Xi-er, what you said makes sense. But these soldiers in the Western Region were obviously prepared for the worst. They decided to follow Xian Yue’s lead and rebel even when they knew it might fail. It would be extremely difficult to get them on our side.” He didn’t disagree with her directly, but he painted a clear picture of the cruel reality that faced them.

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