Consort Xian was in tears. “Beimin’s Prince Hao has captured Father. I never had a mother, and I’m not close with any of my siblings either. Father is the only family I have. If I lose him, I...” She turned to Su Xi-er again. “Your Highness, please put in a good word for Father.”


Su Xi-er watched quietly as the Grand Empress Dowager instructed the guards to send Consort Xian back to her repose palace. However, before the guards could lay a hand on her, Consort Xian rushed towards Su Xi-er with a hidden dagger.


Quickly recovering from her shock, the Grand Empress Dowager desperately tried to dash over, but it was futile. Nonetheless, Su Xi-er wasn’t such an easy target. Just as the dagger was about to reach her, she easily spun around and took the dagger from Consort Xian. Seeing a coating of white powder on the tip, she smirked. “Consort Xian, there’s poison on the tip. Your acting skills aren’t bad either.”


Having learned of her father’s death, Consort Xian had pretended to seek forgiveness so that we would let down our guard, and she’d have a chance to kill us.


Having been found out, there was no longer a trace of weakness in Consort Xian’s eyes. It was clear that she had planned to kill both the Grand Empress Dowager and Su Xi-er as she spat out her words in a venomous tone. “Prince Hao shot my father and beheaded him on the spot! His head is now hung at the city gates! Under the King’s orders, they’re slowly executing all of my father’s men. That’s a lot of blood on the Du Royal Family!”


The Grand Empress Dowager walked up and kicked Consort Xian in the stomach. “Audacious! You’ll be executed as well!”


Consort Xian scoffed. “As expected of the Iron-willed Queen. I’m pregnant with the King’s child. I thought I could give him a surprise, but I didn’t expect for the Xian family to be executed. It would’ve been fine if I died, but it’s a pity that I wasn’t able to kill this granddaughter of yours!”


Su Xi-er had never met Consort Xian, but the latter had attempted to murder her with a poisonous dagger right away.


“Imperial Grandmother, the Xian family has to pay for their crimes, but since Consort Xian is with child, we can deal with her after she gives birth.”


The Grand Empress Dowager scoffed at this. “Children with royal blood have to be kind. I’m not going to acknowledge a child born from a vile woman like that. There is an ample amount of women willing to bear a child for the King even if I kill her.”


Her words displayed how cruel the royal family could be. She had no qualms about removing anyone, even if they were carrying a royal descendant.


Consort Xian laughed at this. “Grand Empress Dowager, you’re really cruel. A vile woman like me can’t bear the King’s child?” She then stood up and looked at Su Xi-er. “I think that the Imperial Princess is a thousand times more vicious than I am; she deserves to die!”


At this moment, the Western Region King and Prince Hao rushed in with a bunch of soldiers behind them.


Consort Xian smirked when she saw Du Ling. “Ling-gege.”


He looked at her coldly. “Somebody, take her away.”


Consort Xian backed away as the soldiers surrounded her. “King, it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to give birth even though I’m with child.” She then looked at Pei Qianhao and said, “You killed my father. I won’t forgive you, even as a vengeful ghost! I won’t forgive your wife either!”


She then turned and ran her head into a wall.

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