The Grand Empress Dowager smiled. “Of course. This Dowager has been on multiple battlefields and beheaded countless enemies. The Western Region is different from the Central Plains, and women can hold military power here. When the King had no sisters, I was the one who led the armies as the Queen, and I can also say that Xian Yue won’t be pardoned for his crimes!”


She then looked at Su Xi-er. “As the Western Region Imperial Princess, you have to be able to defend yourself, ride a horse, and handle a bow and arrow. This Dowager will teach you when I recover..”


Su Xi-er already knew how to do all of that, but she simply nodded and said, “I’ll have to trouble Royal Grandmother for that then.”


The Grand Empress Dowager nodded and turned to Pei Qianhao. “Rulan will stay here with me for a few days, so I’ll leave matters to you and Ling-er.”


“Of course.” Pei Qianhao answered before turning to Su Xi-er for one last look as he left.


Su Xi-er followed him out. “A-Jing, Xian Yue’s military tally has already been taken away. The rest of the soldiers won’t be of use.”


“The left faction leader is good at uniting his men. Even though he no longer has the military tally, almost half of his men are still loyal to him. These men have to be executed.” Pei Qianhao then patted her on the shoulder. “Stay here with the Grand Empress Dowager.”


The guards outside the palace bowed as they saw Pei Qianhao exit. “Prince Hao, the King is already at the Discussion Palace; we have been instructed to lead you there.”


Pei Qianhao nodded and followed.


Meanwhile, Su Xi-er helped the Grand Empress Dowager wash up and watched the latter fall asleep before retiring for the night.


The next morning, Su Xi-er brought breakfast for the Grand Empress Dowager, along with a bowl of medicine. Once night fell, a woman in a yellow address appeared in the repose palace.


This immediately upset the Grand Empress Dowager. “I can’t believe you dare to show yourself here! Rulan, let’s go.”


Su Xi-er nodded as she supported her grandmother, but the woman in yellow quickly knelt. “Grand Empress Dowager, my father made a mistake all because of his muddle-headedness. Please spare him, I beg of you.”


Grand Empress Dowager looked at her. “How muddle-headed must he have been to make such a mistake? Attacking the court with his soldiers?! The King and Prince Hao are not easy opponents. Because of what your father did, tens of thousands of soldiers will be buried with the Xian family.”


Su Xi-er was reminded that Pei Qianhao had mentioned that all the soldiers that stood with Xian Yue would be executed. With the soldiers numbering in the tens of thousands, killing them all would mean a terrible amount of bloodshed.


“Grand Empress Dowager, I beg of you, though my father has sinned greatly, he’s also made great contributions to the court in the past. Please pardon him.” Seeing the Grand Empress Dowager’s unmoving visage, Consort Xian turned to Su Xi-er. “Imperial Princess, I beg of you.”


The Grand Empress Dowager nudged Su Xi-er, a signal for her to remain silent. She then walked up to Consort Xian. “So you know this is the Imperial Princess. Based on your behaviour, it’s obvious that Xian Yue has already been defeated. Everyone in the Xian family, especially your father, will have to be executed. However, on account of your loyalty to the King, I’ll allow you to live.”

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