The Grand Empress Dowager furrowed her brow. “Silly child, how could you have such thoughts? The one with the royal family’s bloodline must return to the royal court and be recorded in the genealogy. As for Tan Ge, she has a kind heart; this Grand Empress Dowager could have adopted her as a granddaughter.”


However, by the time she finally woke up, everything had changed.


“Royal Grandmother, after Tan Ge’s identity was exposed she fled. Not only that, the Imperial Princess’ palace caught fire, and has burnt to the ground.”


“What?! Caught fire?!” The Grand Empress Dowager slapped the bed. All the palace halls have stood for a hundred years, braving all kinds of conflict, yet it is now burned?!


“Mmm, it was a natural disaster; it couldn’t have been avoided. Royal Grandmother, I’ll help you massage your back.” Su Xi-er knelt on the bed and started to gently knock on her grandmother’s back.


The Grand Empress Dowager closed her eyes in comfort. “Good lass, I am happy that you are still able to remain kind, despite someone impersonating you. Regardless of our status, we humans should harbour kindness in our hearts. It was this Grand Empress Dowager who chose your Queen Mother for your King Father, and despite what happened, it looks like I made the right choice in the end. As for the current Queen, who is the daughter of the Great General, I was also the one who chose her for Ling-er.”


“Royal Grandmother, I like her too. During the rebellion of the left faction, she helped me block a poisonous needle.”


“Poisonous needle? How is she now?”


“She’s mute, but we are searching for a cure; she will recover. Royal Grandmother, you also have to take care of yourself.”


The Grand Empress Dowager sighed. “She’s a poor child; she hasn’t been well-received by Ling-er. However, as long as this Grand Empress Dowager is still around, she will be the Queen. The royal court can’t plunge into chaos.”


Su Xi-er’s hand froze for a moment at the Grand Empress Dowager’s firm and authoritative tone. It was evident that the latter was a strong woman, and Su Xi-er was still unaware of her former title of ‘Iron-willed Queen’.


Before long, Pei Qianhao came in with bowls of red bean soup.


The Grand Empress Dowager was delighted by her grandson-in-law personally cooking red bean soup to fawn over her granddaughter and herself.


“Rulan, feed me.” The Grand Empress Dowager pointed at the bowl like a child who wanted candy.


Su Xi-er took the bowl and began to feed the Grand Empress Dowager while Pei Qianhao watched. However, he eventually realised that Su Xi-er’s bowl of soup was starting to cool.


“Xi-er, let me feed Royal Grandmother. You should drink yours.” Pei Qianhao came over and handed Su Xi-er’s bowl to her as he took the Grand Empress Dowager’s from her hands.


“Alright, it’s nice to have my grandson-in-law feed me.” The Grand Empress Dowager was elated. She had originally selected Pei Qianhao as the prime candidate for a marriage alliance, and she believed herself to be a good judge of people after having lived through much turmoil.


She was initially even thinking of exhausting all means to force Pei Qianhao to marry the Western Region Imperial Princess, but was pleasantly surprised that the two were actually already married. Although the matter of the fake imperial princess was unfortunate, it’s good that everything is at least back on track.


Su Xi-er went to the side and drank her soup as she watched the Grand Empress Dowager whose eyes were almost closed from joy.


When the bowls of soup were almost finished, a guard frantically announced from outside. “Grand Empress Dowager, Imperial Princess, the King has issued an order that no one is to leave their palace halls for a few days. The traitor Xian Yue has been rescued from the prison by his comrades, and he has united with his old subordinates to attack the royal court.”


A glint flickered in the Grand Empress Dowager’s eyes as she bellowed, “Xian Yue is simply audacious! His daughter is still in the palace. Since this is what he wants, we’ll peel off his skin! We will have to pull the carpet out of him!”


She looked towards Su Xi-er, her expression becoming gentler. “Did I scare you?”


Su Xi-er shook her head. “No, I only felt that you were glowing with vigour and valour.”

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