Pei Qianhao nodded in response to Su Xi-er’s request. “You haven’t had any soup in a few days, so this is a good chance.” However, he had only taken a few steps down the hallway when he heard his wife’s voice again. “After hearing that I like to drink red bean soup, Royal Grandmother said that she wanted to try some.”


So the soup is actually meant for the Grand Empress Dowager.


"She likes sweet things, so make sure to add more sugar. As her granddaughter, I have to make Royal Grandmother happy." Su Xi-er grinned as she lightly pushed Pei Qianhao.


Looking at her, Pei Qianhao felt that she really was a filial granddaughter.


"Go on." Seeing that he still hadn’t left, she pushed him again.


The corners of Pei Qianhao's mouth rose as he tapped her nose. "Fine, but I will prepare two servings. One with less sugar for you, so you have to drink some too." He then walked towards the back of the Grand Empress Dowager's repose palace.


As there was a kitchen in the repose palace with some basic ingredients, there was no need to go to the Royal Kitchen.


After watching Pei Qianhao walk off, Su Xi-er returned to the inner chamber. Even though the doors had been closed just now, she could already hear the Grand Empress Dowager calling for her.


"Royal Grandmother, I asked A-Jing to prepare some red bean soup for you." Su Xi-er walked in and smiled.


"Oh? Pei Qianhao's pet name? He's making soup for this Grand Empress Dowager?" The Grand Empress Dowager's eyes widened.


Even ordinary men in Beimin look down on women, much less the high and mighty Prince Hao. Why would he personally prepare food for this old woman?


"Mmm, his skills are pretty decent; at the very least, they’re much better than Elder Brother's." Su Xi-er sat on the edge of the bed and grasped the Grand Empress Dowager's hand.


The Grand Empress Dowager was stunned. "Ling-er made red bean soup?! He has never done such things."


"Exactly. Both Elder Brother and A-Jing both made soup for me when my body wasn’t well, so surely nothing is impossible in this world. Where there is a will, there is a way." Su Xi-er gently patted the Grand Empress Dowager's hand.


here's a way." The Grand Empress Dowager's eyes suddenly became distant, as if she was sucked into her memories. Only after a long time had passed did she speak. "When this Grand Empress Dowager still hadn't become the empress, the King said the same words to me; I didn’t expect to hear them again after so many years."


Su Xi-er faintly smiled. It seems like the Western Region’s late King and A-Jing had similar personalities.


"Rulan, tell this Grand Empress Dowager, who was the person that impersonated you? I...feel that she isn't a bad person."


Detecting a trace of an inexplicable emotion in the depths of the Grand Empress Dowager’s eyes, Su Xi-er understood that the former still missed Tan Ge. She could have listed off Tan Ge’s misdeeds, but chose not to for fear that her grandmother would feel extremely guilty. If Royal Grandmother hears of Tan Ge’s crimes, it will affect her mentality.


“Royal Grandmother, Tan Ge hails from a scholarly family in Beimin known as the Tan Family. However, she entered the imperial palace after the fall of her family, where we then became friends. She then took my jade pendant without me knowing, and only once she returned with the identity of the Western Region’s Imperial Princess did I understand what had happened. I initially wanted to let her continue being the princess and be filial to you in my stead.”

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