“Go to the Warming Jade Palace first. I’ll come find you in two hours, and we can go to the Grand Empress Dowager’s repose palace together.” Du Ling looked towards Su Xi-er. “Your grandmother misses you every moment of the day; you have to stay in the Western Region longer and keep her company.”


Su Xi-er turned to Pei Qianhao. I can wait, but I’m afraid Beimin can’t do without A-Jing for too long.


Pei Qianhao circled his arm around her waist, replying to Du Ling in her stead. “Of course”


“That’s great then.” Du Ling turned and was about to head to the Imperial Audience Hall when a guard hurried over. “King, please hurry. The conflict is getting out of hand.”


Du Ling immediately hastened forward; he knew that with the straightforward nature of the Western Region’s people, heated debates would sometimes occur in the court assembly.


The court officials were blowing up about the fake Imperial Princess, having been completely blindsided by Tan Ge. And yet, as soon as one had been exposed, another Imperial Princess had popped up! This time, even the King vouched for her identity. Yet, even if the person in question was Princess Consort Hao of Beimin, they still had to verify her identity so as not to repeat their mistake.


Despite that, Du Ling simply used his authority to suppress the court officials, announcing that Su Xi-er was his younger sister. He also denied any calls for a verification test, saying that anything of the sort would be a humiliation to his sister.


Just like that, the Imperial Audience Hall immediately fell silent, with nobody daring to speak upon seeing that their king was in a rage.


A smart minister decided to change the topic. “King, when will the real imperial princess be added to the genealogy and receive her power?”


“When the Grand Empress Dowager wakes up. This King has already issued an imperial edict. Soon, the whole world will know that Princess Consort Hao of Beimin is the Western Region’s only imperial princess!” Du Ling bellowed, his mighty aura on full display.


After the court officials exchanged glances with each other, the Great General stepped forth. “King, the Imperial Princess’ return is a joyous occasion in the Western Region, and it’s even better that she is Princess Consort Hao of Beimin. Forming diplomatic ties will be extremely beneficial for the Western Region’s future development. We hope that you can continue governing the Western Region, and allowing the lives of our citizens to flourish.”


Another court official immediately concurred. “The Great General is right.”


The Great General continued. “King, as the number of descendents in the Royal Family isn’t in the best of state, we hope that you can shower more of your affection so that there will be children as soon as possible.”


His words hit home for many of the court officials, especially the ministers whose daughters were imperial consorts, and they nodded in response. “We hope that there will be a new continuation to the Royal Family’s bloodline as soon as possible!”


Du Ling sneered. The Great General simply wants me to let his daughter bear the first royal child. Everyone in the imperial palace gets close to me with an ulterior motive, but of course, I am also using them.


Du Ling decided to give an ambiguous answer. “This King will naturally think for my children.”


The court officials were placated, and the court assembly was soon dismissed after a few other matters were cleared away.


Du Ling flung his sleeves and headed for the repose palace with the warming jade bed before he was met with a guard coming to report. “King, the Imperial Princess is in the Grand Empress Dowager’s repose palace. She went there to greet the Grand Empress Dowager after the latter woke up following her acupuncture treatment.”

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