After listening for a while, Su Xi-er turned to head for the inner chamber. Walking past a pingfeng, she saw the Queen leaning against a bed pillar behind some gently swaying gauze bed curtains. When she heard Su Xi-er’s footsteps, she turned around with a smile on her face. Her mouth opened in an attempt to speak, but no sound would come out.


Su Xi-er immediately walked over. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she gazed at her. “Don’t worry, even if I have to scour the world, I will find a medicine to cure you.”


The Queen’s mouth slightly curved up in a shaky smile as she raised a hand to grasp Su Xi-er’s. In the end, she could only silently smile as she closed her mouth.


“Elder Sister-in-Law, make sure to get plenty of rest and recover.” Su Xi-er squeezed her hand and gave it a pat as she set it down.


A smile remained on the Queen’s visage as she nodded, as if she wasn’t sorrowful about losing her voice.


At this moment, two palace maids came in from a neighbouring hall while carrying a bowl of medicine. However, they were momentarily stunned when seeing Su Xi-er.


This woman was the one who previously led the Queen away, yet the King is the one who brought a mute Queen back.


They stared fixedly at Su Xi-er, a cautious look in their eyes.


Su Xi-er stood up and walked to the palace maids. “Give the bowl of medicine to me; you can wait outside.”


The palace maids exchanged glances with one another. Although they were unaware of Su Xi-er’s identity, the Queen’s reassuring smile and this woman’s dignified bearing were enough to convince them to hand her the bowl of medicine. “The medicine is bitter; the Queen will need to eat some candied dates once she finishes it.”


Su Xi-er took the yellow paper packet containing the candied dates along with the bowl of soup. Afterwards, the palace maids withdrew and closed the door, waiting outside as they became lost in their own thoughts.


The King burst into a rage and bellowed at the imperial physicians when he found that the Queen would remain mute. If the King really cares about the Queen, then we servants can finally rest assured.


It was unclear how long they stood out there before they heard the sound of the door opening. They immediately lowered their heads and bowed as they saw Su Xi-er coming out with an empty bowl.


They took the empty bowl and bowed again, and were about to walk away when Su Xi-er called out to them.


“How many imperial consorts are there in the royal court?”


The palace maids were caught off guard, but noticing her solemn expression, respectfully replied, “There are 10 in total; all of them are the daughters of ministers, and were selected long ago.”


Su Xi-er nodded and waved her hand for them to leave. 


When the Queen was drinking the medicine, I was able to see multiple whip marks when her sleeves dropped. Du Ling isn’t someone who would strike a woman unless he was attacked, and there is no servant who would dare to strike the Queen with her status. This means that it must be another consort who harmed the Queen; I must let Du Ling know.


Su Xi-er swiftly turned on her heel and went around the courtyard.


Just as she was about to reach the entrance of the courtyard, she happened to see Du Ling walking out, and she immediately chased after him. “Elder Brother, the Queen was poisoned because of me, yet you’re leaving just like this? Are you not going to stay with her?”

Du Ling knitted his brow slightly for a moment. I didn’t expect Younger Sister to ask such a question.

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