He Ying suddenly looked on expectantly, as if she was watching a good show. How I wish Flower could ruin Su Xi-er’s face. Someone who looks so pretty is a vermin.


However, Su Xi-er deftly moved sideways and dodged the attack.


Flower was persistent and continued to pounce towards her.


Old Maidservant Li saw that the situation wasn’t favourable. This cat’s attacks are getting more and more vicious. Everyone knows that Flower is the Empress Dowager’s darling. No one will lay a hand on it, including Su Xi-er.


Therefore, Old Maidservant Li walked to He Ying and wanted to put in a few words.


Yet, He Ying waved her hand and didn’t utter a single word. Old Maidservant Li understood instantly. Miss He plans to let Flower sort out Su Xi-er,and feels that it’s best if it can destroy her appearance. 


Reaching out its sharp claws, Flower relied on the strength in her legs and rapidly jumped onto Su Xi-er’s shoulder. Swiping its claws around, it quickly caused her hair to become dishevelled.


Su Xi-er leaned backwards slightly before using her waist as a pivot rotating her torso 360 degrees. Flower became dizzy, and had little choice but to jump down before trying to launch a new round of attacks.  


At the side, everyone was fearful after they witnessed the scene. Su Xi-er’s waist is actually so nimble! Only a person proficient in dance will carry out such an action! 


Flower was extremely furious. It turned its eyes and continued to pounce towards Su Xi-er as the latter spun a few times on her feet and slowly approached the side of the well. 


Flower continued to hiss furiously until finally, it leapt up. Unfortunately for the cat, it couldn’t control its strength, pouncing directly into the well as Su Xi-er moved out of the way.


This time, everyone’s expression had changed. He Ying shrieked and watched on helplessly as Flower fell head first into the well.


Old Maidservant Li began to  panic. “Quickly go and get a well bucket.”


When they approached the side of the well, they saw Flower desperately flopping with all its might with a fear-stricken expression. However, the well was too narrow, while its body was fat.


After flopping about for a while, it sank into the water.


He Ying’s anxiety brought her to the verge of tears. At this moment, the well bucket came.


The palace maids immediately lowered it and moved it close to Flower, but the cat had already run out of strength with how obese it was. It raised its front legs, but couldn’t even reach the edge of the well bucket.


Just as everyone was burning with extreme anxiety, Su Xi-er grabbed some eunuchs’ clothes from the side, swiftly tore it into a strip and formed a loop. She tossed it into the well and rapidly looped it under Flower’s head.


Using strength in both her hands, Flower was fished up in an instant. 


He Ying looked at it nervously. Flower’s eyes were shut as if was dead.


Finally, He Ying took Flower and rushed to the Imperial Physician Institute.


The other palace maids were scared witless, while some contributed to the general panicked buzz of their peers.


“Will Flower die? If it dies and the Empress Dowager flies into a rage, Su Xi-er is going to be out of luck, right?”


“Exactly. But Flower is clearly…” The words ‘reaping what it sows’ was stuck in the palace maid’s throat.


Old Maidservant Li glared at them. “Go and do you work!”


The group of palace maids immediately dispersed and started to work.


Old Maidservant Li glanced at Su Xi-er and shook her head helplessly. “You’re on your own. Do your best.”


Su Xi-er feared nothing. The pet takes after its master. It dug a hole and jumped in itself. Who can it blame?


The others were frightened, but Su Xi-er’s expression betrayed nothing.


As Lian Qiao gazed at Su Xi-er’s departing figure, she began to ponder. After I return to the Palace Side Quarters today, I will start manufacturing the itching power Su Xi-er requested.


The whole day passed peacefully with no news passed on from the Compassionate Peace Palace. Old Maidservant Li heaved a sigh of relief.


It looks like Flower didn’t die. Otherwise, based on Miss He’s temper, she would have long come looking for me.


Su Xi-er finished her meal, freshened herself up, and went back to her room to rest.


She lied on the bed and opened her eyes as she ruminated over some matters.


Right at this moment, the room door was opened and the teasing voice of a man sounded, “Have you worn the Chinese bodice?”

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