All the palace maids in the Laundry Service Bureau immediately bowed and paid their greetings upon seeing He Ying. “This servant pays her respects to Miss He.”


He Ying nodded. She shifted her gaze to Su Xi-er and spoke unhurriedly, “Su Xi-er, why have you left the Palace Side Quarters and come to the Laundry Service Bureau? You are no longer scrubbing chamber pots, but washing clothes?”


Old Maidservant Li had just rushed over and happened to hear what He Ying said. If He Ying had targeted Su Xi-er somewhere else, I would have let her be. However, in the Laundry Service Bureau, I will be held responsible for any incidents.


Hence, without waiting for Su Xi-er’s reply, Old Maidservant Li interjected with her face wreathed in smiles, “Miss He, you have never come to the Laundry Service Bureau. Why are you here today?”


He Ying thought nothing of Old Maidservant Li and coldly snorted. “You think I want to come here? Flower is greatly doted on by the Empress Dowager, and it has run into the Laundry Service Bureau, but I don’t know where it is now. Why are you still not helping me to search for it!”


Apart from Su Xi-er, everyone was surprised. They were all too familiar with the name ‘Flower’. It was a cat that was spoiled rotten by the Empress Dowager. They had heard that Flower was given to the Empress Dowager by Prince Hao.


If Flower meets with a mishap in the Laundry Service Bureau…Old Maidservant Li didn’t dare to imagine that scenario at all. She immediately pointed at few palace maids and instructed, “Quickly go and search.”


Afterwards, Old Maidservant Li plastered on a smile again. “Rest assured Miss He, Flower will definitely be fine.”


He Ying didn’t respond, instead turning to Su Xi-er and speaking in a lowered voice, “I heard that you were previously taken to the Imperial Physician Institute and strictly investigated by Imperial Physician Zhao.”


“Yes.” Su Xi-er only muttered a single word curtly.


He Ying knitted her eyebrows and pressed on, “Since you have been suspected, your name being cleared is only a temporary reprieve. The Imperial Physician Institute is still investigating. With the plant having been found in the Palace Side Quarters, the first ones to be interrogated will naturally be the ones closest to it.” 


Su Xi-er looked straight at her. “Miss He, that’s incorrect. How do you know that the plant only grows in the woods beside the Palace Side Quarters? Perhaps it also exists near some of the repose palaces, waiting to be discovered. Besides, you should be anxiously looking for Flower right now, Miss He.”


“You…” He Ying was speechless. This small mouth is really powerful. I will pull her tongue out sooner or later.


Old Maidservant Li noticed that He Ying’s complexion was ghastly. Although she couldn’t hear what the two were talking about, she could tell from their expressions that they were certainly not getting along.


Jeez, Su Xi-er is a hot potato. Why is she assigned to the Laundry Service Bureau? I’m really unlucky!


He Ying coldly harrumphed. Right at this moment, the mournful cries of a cat could suddenly be heard.


Flower! He Ying immediately turned in the direction of the sound and saw Flower staring at Su Xi-er, gnashing its teeth with its tail straight up.


He Ying’s tone became even more unfriendly. “Flower doesn’t like you at all.” She then walked over to Flower and prepared to carry it back to the Compassionate Peace Palace.


Yet, right at this moment, Flower turned and made a beeline towards Su Xi-er, opening its mouth in preparation to pounce onto her and bite her.


Although the bite of a cat’s teeth wasn’t as strong as a dog’s, an adult cat like this could still bite through the skin and some injuries..


Su Xi-er chuckled inwardly. Cats indeed do have many lives. I didn’t expect that it would recover so quickly after I accidentally hit with a well bucket.


The cat stretched out its claws and pounced towards Su Xi-er’s face. As long as its sharp claws touched her face, her appearance would be ruined.

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