Du Ling raised a brow when he saw Pei Qianhao, but quickly turned to a physician when he saw Huyan Fei in his arms. “Take a look at Lord Huyan.”


The imperial physician shivered and answered right away. “This subordinate obeys the order!” He stood up and walked over to Pei Qianhao, cowering slightly under his imposing aura.


Pei Qianhao placed Huyan Fei on a nearby mat. Once the imperial physician took his pulse, the former’s expression turned serious.


“How’s Lord Huyan?” The entire area fell silent when Du Ling spoke.


The imperial physician answered quickly, “My King, Lord Huyan was tormented for the past few days, and he is very weak. He’ll need to convalesce in his residence for the rest of his life, but even then, his kidneys are failing, and he will not be able to participate in bedroom affairs.”


The other physicians seemed shocked to hear this. Did Lord Huyan turn into a eunuch?


Su Xi-er took in the news calmly. She could tell that Tan Ge had feelings for Huyan Fei. Knowing that Huyan Fei did not fancy her, Tan Ge drugged him and damaged his kidneys like this, shortening his life and making it so that he would never be able to partake in bedroom affairs.


Du Ling slammed his palm against a desk. “Tan Ge can consider herself lucky that she burned to death!” A murderous aura emanated from him; he wanted to tear Tan Ge limb from limb!


Su Xi-er turned to the imperial physician and asked, “Is there no cure for Lord Huyan?”


The imperial physician hesitated for a bit before answering, “There may be a cure for Lord Huyan, but this subordinate lacks the knowledge.”


“Focus on helping Lord Huyan regain his strength. We can think of solutions later and see how it goes.” Su Xi-er said.


All the imperial physicians looked at her. They had no idea who she was, but seeing how Pei Qianhao seemed to be so protective of her, they suspected that she was most likely Princess Consort Hao. Just as they started accepting this, she dropped another surprise on them.


“Elder Brother, how is Sister-in-law?”


The previous princess was an imposter, but this is the real Imperial Princess!


Du Ling’s gaze turned gentle. “You can see her inside. She’s awake, and the poisonous needles have already been removed, but she can’t talk.” With a wave of his hand, he said, “Useless physicians. Leave. Somebody, take Lord Huyan to my repose palace. He can stay there for a few days while he recovers.”


The imperial physicians stood up quickly and left, while Huyan Fei was carried away to Du Ling’s repose palace by two guards.


Du Ling turned to Pei Qianhao and said, “Let’s have a chat.”


Pei Qianhao patted Su Xi-er on the shoulder. “Go in and have a look at the Queen. I have something to discuss with your brother.”


They looked extremely serious, and Su Xi-er left with a quick nod. However, instead of immediately entering the room, she hid behind a screen to eavesdrop on their conversation instead.


The two men agreed that the first thing they should do was to announce that Su Xi-er was the real princess.

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