Just as Tan Ge was about to strike, a frantic voice could be heard from the outside. “Bad news, Imperial Princess! The King and Beimin’s Prince Hao entered the palace and captured the left faction leader!”


Tan Ge turned to Su Xi-er. “You’re good. You seduced the left faction leader and paved the way for Prince Hao and the Western Region King to attack.”


“You can see it that way.” Su Xi-er didn’t want to waste any time, and quickly struck forth with her fist.


Tan Ge nimbly dodged away before landing beside a candle holder. “Don’t you think that this place smells funny?”


Huyan Fei frowned at this. “You’ve spread a flammable powder in here!”


“Tsk tsk, did you just find out? I wouldn’t have lit it if Su Xi-er didn’t appear, but I can’t believe you haven’t realised it after so many days.” Tan Ge looked at Huyan Fei with broody eyes.


He turned to Su Xi-er and said, “Leave now. The entire room will be engulfed in flames once she lights it!”


Su Xi-er frowned. “Take the Queen with you and protect her.”


“Don’t even think of leaving!” Tan Ge hissed at them. The voices outside were growing louder and louder, and one could hear weapons clashing.


Tan Ge never thought that she would lose like this, and her hand moved towards the candle holder. I refuse to just die like this! I’ll take Su Xi-er along with me so that they can suffer!


Huyan Fei looked at the Queen. She’s the daughter of the Great General, and her father would bring chaos to the court if she dies! Without any time left, he quickly picked her up and left the room.


Just as he stepped out, the entire palace burst into flame. “Princess!” He yelled. Finding Du Ling right outside, he handed the queen to him before immediately rushing back in.


A dark shadow followed swiftly behind him.


Du Ling’s gaze darkened. He wanted to rush in, but he could not do so with the Queen in his arms.


Huyan Fei flinched when he saw a dark figure flit past him, but calmed down when he saw a tall man pick up the imperial princess and start to make his way out.


Pei Qianhao seemed to fly past Huyan Fei, only saying a quick ‘get out’ before leaving. With that, Huyan Fei knew that it was none other than Prince Hao.


Du Ling heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Su Xi-er safe and sound.


Apart from some ash on her cheeks, there weren’t any visible injuries. Still, Pei Qianhao did a quick check before he was at ease.


Su Xi-er turned back to look at the flames burning brightly against the night sky. Trapped in a sea of flames by her own design, Tan Ge laid crying on the ground as she awaited her death. Having accepted the inevitable, she had taken out a handkerchief and thrown it to Su Xi-er.


“Su Xi-er, this is the handkerchief my mother sewed for me when I was born. If you have any pity remaining for me… put this on my mother’s gravestone. Also… I’m sorry.”


As she watched the flames, Su Xi-er wondered to herself, Why do people only feel remorse when they are about to die? Xie Yun chose to give up on chasing power, and perhaps Tan Ge would still be here if she hadn’t chosen this path.

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